Andrew Miiller

Radical activists are organized in two distinct movements: one in government and the other in the streets.

Radical socialists are using the cover of a campaign against racism to sneak communism into American schools.

What happens if both political parties claim victory in the elections?

A truly rational person must be willing to admit what he or she does not know.

Divided loyalties within the armed forces could put the answer in doubt.

After 6,000 years of history, humanity has finally found a way to kill every human being on the planet.

The U.S. government is spying on you through technology you carry every day.

If central banks start issuing digital money, the dollar will face real competition as the world’s dominant currency.

He may have lost the nomination, but Senator Sanders’s radical socialist movement has seized the soul of the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party takes another step toward the radical left.

Hint: Pope Francis is looking for allies against the United States.

There is an orchestrated campaign to scare white farmers off their land.

America was naive to ally with a Communist dictatorship.

Why Vladimir Putin wants to control the world’s uranium

Rioting in America’s cities is moving the nation toward civil war.

Knowingly or not, the radical left is paving the way for a trade embargo against the U.S.

The United States is making a colossal error in the space race.

If current trends continue, those born after 1997 may become America’s first post-Christian generation.

Armed demonstrations at Stone Mountain are about a lot more than tearing down a controversial Confederate monument.

Do groups like Black Lives Matter really care about black lives?

It is easier to confess to a houseplant than to ask God for forgiveness.

President López Obrador presents himself as a center-left politician, but key officials in his administration are far-left revolutionaries.

Can the American military prevent a second civil war?

Many American Catholics are more interested in supporting the Trump administration than toeing the Vatican line.

Corrupt law enforcement, led by former President Barack Obama, conspired to overthrow the government of the United States.

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