Andrew Miiller

America was naive to ally with a Communist dictatorship.

Why Vladimir Putin wants to control the world’s uranium

Rioting in America’s cities is moving the nation toward civil war.

Knowingly or not, the radical left is paving the way for a trade embargo against the U.S.

The United States is making a colossal error in the space race.

If current trends continue, those born after 1997 may become America’s first post-Christian generation.

Armed demonstrations at Stone Mountain are about a lot more than tearing down a controversial Confederate monument.

Do groups like Black Lives Matter really care about black lives?

It is easier to confess to a houseplant than to ask God for forgiveness.

President López Obrador presents himself as a center-left politician, but key officials in his administration are far-left revolutionaries.

Can the American military prevent a second civil war?

Many American Catholics are more interested in supporting the Trump administration than toeing the Vatican line.

Corrupt law enforcement, led by former President Barack Obama, conspired to overthrow the government of the United States.

A tragedy has the potential to exacerbate America’s racial divide.

The true pedigree of today’s environmentalism is less green than red.

It is easier to confess to a houseplant than to ask God for forgiveness.

When people stop trusting government officials to uphold the rule of law, they start preparing to defend themselves.

God is allowing freedom of religion to be temporarily restored.

About 67 million Americans believe covid-19 is a ‘wake-up call’ from God.

A little-known Obama administration directive gives the military authority to seize control of the nation in an ‘emergency circumstance.’

The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is not buying .308-caliber rifles and explosives because it expects a bad tomato worm season.

Former U.S. President Barack Obama and more than 140 of his spies are trying to select the next president.

The Kremlin is willing to hurt the Russian economy to gain a geopolitical advantage over America.

Policymakers want Americans to borrow rather than save.

Mass immigration is fundamentally changing America.

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