Andrew Miiller

Half the nation is going to believe that this election was stolen.

Legal battles in several key battleground states could dwarf what the country experienced during the disputed 2000 presidential elections.

Half of Americans believe Election Day 2020 may be the most stressful of their lives, but Bible prophecy gives us tremendous reason for optimism.

The U.S. has the resources to be energy independent, but Democrats would rather let China control the world’s mineral wealth.

America is doing irreparable harm to its national security by allowing foreign nationals to influence its institutions of higher learning.

What does the changing composition of the court mean for the nation?

Even the Catholic Church is surrendering to the lawless spirit of our age.

Expect crime to increase as radicals tear down our last line of defense.

If Germany’s Catholic and Lutheran populations work together, they will dominate the most powerful nation in Europe.

Democrats are encouraging social media giants to censor conservatives.

The average American probably thinks that an event as violent as the Bolshevik Revolution could never happen in the United States.

Could this be the start of a prophesied trade war?

The Bible foretells division between America and the Catholic Church.

No matter who wins the election, we are facing the end of U.S. leadership on the world scene.

More and more evidence keeps emerging that the 2020 U.S. presidential election will not be free and fair.

Politicians are enriching themselves at the expense of the nation.

Adults are robbing the next generation to live beyond their means.

The campaign to defund the police is creating a crime wave in American cities.

A progressive coalition predicts riots if Biden does not win by a landslide.

Radical activists are organized in two distinct movements: one in government and the other in the streets.

Radical socialists are using the cover of a campaign against racism to sneak communism into American schools.

What happens if both political parties claim victory in the elections?

A truly rational person must be willing to admit what he or she does not know.

Divided loyalties within the armed forces could put the answer in doubt.

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