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Russia will make sure the UN is a lame duck, leaving only one other major player left to solve the issue.

Most international experts continue to discount the EU as a potential united superpower. Even U.S. history shows how it can happen.

Japan’s new Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama is pushing for an East Asian community. This will mark a new phase for Asia.

Peaceful nuclear cooperation was supposed to bring nuclear technology to developing nations for peaceful pursuits. Instead, it has become one of the biggest factors behind nuclear weapons proliferation.

The Senate has halted production of the most advanced fighter jet in the world—part of a major shift in military strategy that leaves U.S. military superiority at risk.

Japan’s newly released annual defense paper calls for an expanded military with a better reach into space.

High-level representatives from the so-called moderate Palestinian Authority and Iran have met together for the first time. Iran has Israel surrounded and is closer than ever to Jerusalem.

Britain’s decision to block the sale of some military parts to Israel’s navy is part of a prophesied break in relations between the two.

This holiday weekend, a look into the document that set America’s independence in motion will remind us of two points that helped make this nation great and show us the direction it is now going.

Government officials and academic leaders are trying to regulate their way away from another financial crisis. They are missing the point.

In this historic financial slide, America’s leadership has caused fear and panic.

Political participation by radical Islamic groups has led the West to believe they can be moderated—but it is only a guise to bring about the same goal the radical terrorists have: the complete overthrow of the West.

An influential youth movement in Russia eerily resembles Hitler’s Nazi Youth.

Western media and governments believe that terrorists are poor, disadvantaged, uneducated people, but the foiled car bomb plots in the UK show this thinking is dead wrong.

Despite British and Polish opposition, the 27-member EU has accepted a new draft treaty—and it is eerily similar to the previously rejected constitution.

The EU Council of Ministers has signed a new agreement on DNA sharing. The agreement is another display of the EU’s undemocratic methods of forcing its agenda on member states.

This month marks 40 years since the Six Day War. This inspiring history holds a powerful lesson for today.

It has been 40 years since Israel’s miraculous victory over three Arab armies. This history holds a powerful lesson for today.

Post-World War II guilt is history. Germany has unveiled a new “white paper” on defense that will unshackle its military.