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Gerald Flurry

Gerald Flurry founded the Philadelphia Trumpet newsmagazine in 1990. He actively serves as an author and as editor in chief. Gerald Flurry also presents the Key of David television program and serves as Pastor General of the Philadelphia Church of God.

What makes theTrumpet.com different?

Recent events in Charlottesville reveal an irreconcilable divide in America. A dark spiritual force is behind the unrest.

Our world is teetering on the brink of nuclear devastation. But there is great cause for hope!

This has been a bad year for Britain and its royal family. And here is why it will get much worse—before it gets better than you can even imagine!

Here is a book to help you answer this most important question.

It was deeply significant—but not for the reasons people think.

This man showed people the cause of their horrendous problems and how they could and would be solved. He gave them hope—a hope that this world does not understand.

Learn the facts—and follow the evidence to the real solution!

God always remembers our desires. He will give us those desires, if we obey.

British journalist Melanie Phillips has been a culture warrior for decades, fighting for the traditional family and education.

Churches, theologians and Bible scholars know nothing about the Kingdom of God. It is a mystery to the world. But learning about God’s Kingdom will give purpose and meaning to your life!

Why did Jesus Christ establish His Church? Traditional Christianity has no clue. It is a mystery to this world.

This church-state combine has caused more destruction than any kingdom in history. Why is it a mystery to the world?

The Bible is a book about Israel, both physically and spiritually. Why did God choose to work with this nation? How can Christians today learn from Israel’s example?

God’s angels have lived for millions of years with stunning power and without sin. How could mortal men exceed them?

Modern civilization has made stunning advancements in science, industry and technology. Meanwhile, families and nations are suffering in unprecedented ways. Why the puzzling paradox?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Who am I? What am I? Why am I?” These are the most basic questions in life. Yet politicians, scientists, educators, philosophers and even religionists don’t know the answers. They often shy away from even asking the questions in the first place. But you can know!

Wars are killing tens of thousands of people around the world every year. Yet unseen is the most important war of all— spiritual armies fighting for control of human minds.

This book will help you understand your Creator.

Before his death in 1986, Herbert W. Armstrong wrote what he called ‘the greatest book since the Bible.’ Understand the Bible with Mr. Armstrong’s final and most important book.

Bible prophecy reveals who he is and which country he rules today! You desperately need to prove this revelation.

Jerusalem has a bloody past and an even bloodier immediate future. Beyond that, it is destined for eternal glory!

The Russian president is more than he appears to be.

This world doesn’t know God! Do you?

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