Editor in Chief

Gerald Flurry

Gerald Flurry founded the Philadelphia Trumpet newsmagazine in 1990. He actively serves as an author and as editor in chief. Gerald Flurry also presents the Key of David television program and serves as Pastor General of the Philadelphia Church of God.

Russia’s president is a dangerous man. Should U.S. President Trump form an alliance with him?

The United States Constitution is different from any other document in history. But it is under attack today. Why do some Americans want to abolish this foundational document?

This tragic end-time event precedes the return of Jesus Christ!

Your Bible describes a terrifying end-time event known as “the abomination of desolation.” Where and how will this event unfold?

Americans should be deeply alarmed by revelations of corruption and lawlessness within the nation’s top law enforcement agencies. It is our responsibility to cut through the noise and politics to understand the truth.

Archaeological discoveries in Jerusalem make the Bible come alive. The latest earthshaking discovery in the Holy City holds significance for every person on the planet.

Satellite imagery shows China taking over the South China Sea, as it is with other trade routes globally. Both history and biblical prophecy show why this is extremely dangerous.

Nearly 30 years ago, a dark spiritual force overthrew God’s Church from within. The Prophet Daniel foretold the same outcome for America.

William Shakespeare loved empire, and so should true Christians.

William Shakespeare, universally recognized as the greatest non-Bible writer of all time, was immensely proud of the British Empire. Soon, all mankind will become empire builders.

Habakkuk’s type of faith saves lives! We all need it.

In this dangerous age, no character trait is more vital than faith. The Prophet Habakkuk teaches us how to develop deep, life-saving faith.

The Philadelphia Church of God has sponsored some of the most inspiring archaeological discoveries ever!

Why did God make sex? His purposes are far deeper and more beautiful than most people realize.

Recent archaeological discoveries in the holy city dramatically verify the truth of the Bible. No city on Earth brings history and prophecy to life like Jerusalem.

The Old Testament book of Ruth is misunderstood by most. It is tied to the New Testament and is a prophetic book for the last era of God’s Church.

God is offering the greatest reward imaginable to a tiny group of people today, and it relates to a specific throne on Earth right now.

Russia, China and Iran are becoming increasingly aggressive, but the world’s greatest superpower remains in the shadows—for now.

Your Bible prophesies of a strongman who will rise to power in Europe seemingly overnight and shock the world.

Your Bible specifically identifies one man who will lead Russia just before the return of Jesus Christ!

The Bible prophesies of a dangerous end-time leader called the ‘prince of Rosh’ who will affect the lives of every person on Earth.

Jude probably believed he was living in the last days before the return of Jesus Christ as Savior. He urgently measured the tiniest moments of time preceding the unimaginable suffering of the Great Tribulation and the Day of the Lord.

A brother of Jesus Christ wrote one of the most powerful messages in the entire Bible about true Christians winning spiritual battles.

A tiny, ancient clay seal found in the dirt of Jerusalem bears a powerful warning message for us today!

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