Artificial Intelligence and Another Attempt to Steal the Election

Former President Donald Trump campaigns on April 13 in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania
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Artificial Intelligence and Another Attempt to Steal the Election

As America prepares for its next election, conflict is heating up. We see lawfare being waged against the more popular candidate. We see a constant barrage of attacks from the media, the security apparatus and politicians. We see how these have contributed to extreme division.

There is an acute danger to the election and the nation. This will not be a smooth process. Democrats will not concede if they lose. Donald Trump will have to war his way back to power, no matter the election result—so says Bible prophecy! I explained this in my article “Ready for War.”

As this war intensifies, artificial intelligence is certain to play a major role.

In January, AI photos circulated showing Donald Trump together with Jeffery Epstein on his plane. In response, Trump posted on Truth Social:

This is what the Democrats do to their Republican opponent, who is leading them by a lot in the polls. This is AI, and it is very dangerous for our country! I was never on Epstein’s plane, or at his “stupid” island. Strong laws ought to be developed against AI. It will be a big and very dangerous problem in the future!

The following month, in an interview with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo, Trump echoed this warning, calling AI “maybe the most dangerous thing out there of anything, because there’s no real solution …. It is so scary.”

Fortune wrote on April 18: “AI deepfakes could decide the election in November, experts warn, after just 44,000 votes handed Joe Biden the presidency in 2020.”

The 2020 election was systematically stolen through mail-in ballots and many other illegalities. The media keep ignoring and indeed burying that evidence. Yet at the same time, they suggest ways this next election may be contested and how the next steal could unfold. The common narrative now is that AI could decide the election!

If that is true, our democracy is dead!

We live in a world filled with lies. This curse is intensifying, and people don’t know what to believe or whom to trust. No democracy can survive in such an environment!

Of course, many accuse Mr. Trump of trying to steal the election—even though he is leading in the polls, which generally favor Democrats. But recent history shows it is the other side that will pull out all stops to prevent Trump from returning to the White House.

War Over Swing States

United States elections are largely decided by whoever wins the crucial swing states. This makes these states susceptible to being stolen.

In the last election, Joe Biden “won” these states, through fraud, by just 44,000 votes. Dinesh D’Souza exposed some of the fraud in his film 2000 Mules. My book America Under Attack details other aspects of the steal. We must expect even greater criminality this year.

It appears that Democrats have given up on trying to win the popular vote and are focusing primarily on these swing states. No matter how many people vote for Donald Trump, if he loses these states by a few votes, he loses the election. So Democrats will do everything they can to find votes in their favor—no matter the cost.

“This is going to be an incredibly tight campaign, and it probably will come down to just a few votes in just a few counties in just a few swing states, so AI might just make the difference,” said Julius van der Laar.

Van der Laar worked as a campaigner for Barack Obama in the 2008 and 2012 U.S. presidential elections. In 2012, he served full time as the regional Get Out the Vote director, responsible for managing voter mobilization in the key state of Ohio. The highly contested state was viewed as the most critical state to win, and Mr. Obama won it with van der Laar’s help.

Even back then, AI played a crucial role. In How to Fight Artificial Intelligence, Gen. Michael Flynn and Sgt. Boone Cutler write:

During the Obama campaign in 2012, the campaign team was the first to utilize sophisticated data analytics and AI-powered tools to gain insights into voters’ behavior and preferences by analyzing millions of tweets and Facebook posts and creating targeted messaging that appealed to specific emotions and viewpoints, ultimately helping them win the election. They even used a data platform called “Narwhal” to create detailed profiles of individual voters. Project Narwhal was the code name for a centralized, cloud-based tech infrastructure developed by Obama’s campaign team.

This team knows how to get votes by knowing everything about the individual. They used these tools to create biographies of voters, which they would use to shape their messaging to influence their votes.

In 2013, van der Laar told Politik & Kommunikation:

The technical progress that took place between 2008 and 2012 was immense and absolutely necessary given the difficult political situation. In order to have any chance of winning the election, the campaign had to become more efficient from the ground up and use the available resources as effectively as possible. From a technical point of view, Narwhal enabled the 2012 campaign to combine a lot of the different information and data that had been collected both online and offline and to draw conclusions that had a positive impact on many aspects of the campaign.

He called it “absolutely necessary given the difficult political situation.” Obama needed this technology to win the election! Obama himself admitted that without social media, he would have never become president.

This shows that, even back then, democracy was being undermined. With enough people and enough money, you can scrape data on everybody in this country—and use that to win elections! We have very little privacy. These people know how to manipulate politicians and voters, and they are doing it on a massive scale. Voter-targeting, fundraising, policy analysis and many other aspects of politics can be done far more easily with the help of AI.

What we are seeing has nothing to do with democracy. It’s about using deceit to sway people. It is a war over people’s minds.

‘Deep State’ Wars Against Trump

At the Fortune Brainstorm AI conference in London in April, election experts warned that generative AI could sway Americans with targeted disinformation in a handful of key battleground areas. Tara McGuinness, a former senior adviser to President Obama, said there is no way to guarantee AI doesn’t influence the outcome of the election.

Again, they will accuse Trump of seeking to manipulate voters—and Trump’s campaign is certain to use these tools and technologies to some degree. But he will have to be prepared for a massive disinformation campaign from the other side that will use this technology without inhibitions.

If AI will play a critical role in the next election, we had better pay attention to who is controlling it.

To no surprise, Mr. Obama has been taking an overt role in helping the White House get ready for the AI war.

Last year, the Biden administration unveiled a sweeping executive order on AI that was inspired by Obama, who didn’t even try to conceal that he was behind it. This man is getting involved with the very tool experts say could be used to sway the next election.

The Big Tech corporations that are investing so heavily in AI have already been exposed for promoting radical-left views while they blacklist, shadow-ban and censor anyone who disagrees with them. These companies possess enormous power, and they have proved to be on the side of the radical left and Obama.

“As the election approaches, President Biden is making regular calls to former President Barack Obama to catch up on the race or to talk about family,” Katy Roberts wrote in the New York Times. “But Mr. Obama is making calls of his own to Jeffrey D. Zients, the White House chief of staff, and to top aides at the Biden campaign to strategize and relay advice.” Obama is going directly to those personnel, not to Biden.

nbc had an article on January 15 about how the “deep state” is gearing up to fight President Trump. They are working to persuade people who serve in the Army and other parts of the administration to disobey perfectly lawful orders given by the president.

This is really a good exposé on just what the deep state is! It is lawless, and these people will do anything to maintain control. They want to usurp power just like the devil! Nothing will stop them—unless God does.

This Is War

General Flynn’s book has many strong statements describing a war that most people don’t even realize is happening. He writes:

The use of foreign-born AI-driven psychological programming poses a significant threat to national security and the safety of citizens. … If this technology causes significant harm, such as manipulation of elections, incitement of violence, or dissemination of propaganda to incite rebellion, or civil unrest, it should be considered an act of war.

This is a strong warning. The same technology and data currently being used to sway voters could be used by a foreign power to divide and destroy us! Yet this also shows what potential destruction these tools can wreak when used by domestic actors. We have to realize the power these people have. And Flynn correctly states that at a certain point, it has to be considered an act of war!

He further writes (emphasis mine):

While Al-driven psychological programming may seem like a new and enigmatic form of attack on the American people, it is important to recognize that we are at war now. Therefore, kinetic military force against adversaries conducting these attacks may be necessary to stop them from destroying our country. However, it is also important to prevent foreign adversaries from accessing the cognitive battlespace of our citizenry.

Failure to recognize this emerging operational environment and address the threats it poses could result in our demise. In short, the regulation of foreign-born AI-driven psychological programming is essential to national security, and swift action is necessary to prevent harm to our people and the death of our country. AI is more profitable than oil, and it’s the nuclear weapon of our time.

AI is the modern nuclear weapon! And we really lack the means to stop such an attack. We must not take this lightly.

We have been talking for over 50 years about Ezekiel 7:14, which prophesies of an outside attack on America that our military will be unable to respond to. This is indeed worse than a nuclear strike—though the Bible indicates that it will be followed by one!

Obama hated General Flynn and told Donald Trump to have nothing to do with him. Though the man broke no law and did nothing wrong, Obama ended up getting him fired and wrecking his whole life!

It should be clear that the people in the White House are led by Obama—and they are destroying America!

We have to realize America is in the midst of a war right now! These people are doing everything they can to destroy this nation. They believe they can maintain power and gain control of these destructive forces. But they do not know how to build—all they know how to do is destroy.

The Bible reveals that America will barely survive the attack from these people. In fact, it will take God’s divine intervention, prophesied in 2 Kings 14:26-28. My book America Under Attack proves that these verses are about a modern-day Jeroboam.

Verse 28 reads, “Now the rest of the acts of Jeroboam, and all that he did, and his might, how he warred, and how he recovered Damascus ….” This prophetic role will be fulfilled by Donald Trump warring his way back into the White House. Anciently, Jeroboam had to war, and Mr. Trump will have to war today to return to power! We are already seeing this war.

God reveals that He will use Donald Trump to save America, temporarily, from this attack from within. But He will not save us from the external threat unless our people see their affliction and repent!