Editor in Chief

Gerald Flurry

Gerald Flurry founded the Philadelphia Trumpet newsmagazine in 1990. He actively serves as an author and as editor in chief. Gerald Flurry also presents the Key of David television program and serves as Pastor General of the Philadelphia Church of God.

Ancient Rome was a powerful empire. It seemed invincible, yet it fell. The collapse of Rome is a sobering warning for America today.

Siding with Russia regarding Ukraine exposes Germany’s secret deal—and dangerous intentions.

Bible prophecy proves correct every time. Prophecy is proof that God exists—and that He controls world events

The dream of German dominance did not die with Hitler. The German business empire was planning a Nazi comeback when it saw that World War II was lost. It’s all documented for anybody to see!

Your Bible makes many bold claims and dares you to prove any of it false. Learn why you can stake your life on every word of the Holy Bible.

God forewarns us. The whole world should heed.

Understanding the throne of David shows you why Britain is dying—and why there is still hope!

America’s corrupt government is going to be brought to justice.

The great patriarch Abraham paid tithes to the king of Jerusalem, Melchizedek. Prove the stunning identity of Melchizedek—and how this staggering truth has everything to do with your life.

God’s loyal people in this end time are charged with delivering an urgent warning to the world. This warning is contained in a little book. Learn where to find this little book—and how it illuminates God’s path to glory.

A world without America in charge is a dangerous world. Gentile powers are now fighting like savage beasts for world dominance. The Bible warns of the darkness brought upon the world by Time of the Gentiles.

Who controls the weather—mankind or God? There is a beautiful purpose behind devastating natural disasters that fortells what will come next.

In World War II, the Allies ended the deadly threat of the Nazi war machine—but only temporarily. German dreams of dominance didn’t die with Hitler.

The way to world peace is a secret to all mankind. But that secret has been revealed. Discover God’s secret.

There is so much confusion today about what it means to be born again. Do you know what it means to be born again? The true answer is not only surprising— it is startling!—the most important truth you can know

It is the name of our television program. The Bible emphasizes our need to understand this inspiring key in this end time.

The end of an era for Britain

Our societies are fundamentally transforming. When you know why, you can know what to do.

Mankind is careening toward the worst time of suffering in world history. God uses one human voice to warn and give hope during this dangerous time before the coming Day of the Lord.

We have to overcome Satan as Christ did (Revelation 3:21).

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