William Ghannam

The Uncrowned Kings of Essen

The dramatic rebound of Germany’s top munitions company

Low birthrates and the need for more workers are hurting the economies of Europe and Japan. These nations dealt with this problem in the past. How will they solve it today?

An update on the German election: Stoiber looks ready to take over and lead his nation again to greatness.

America, Europe and Russia each have a vision for the future of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization—yet only one vision will become reality.

What does Germany’s desire to bring back the state of Prussia say about its future?

How leading companies helped the Nazi cause

Foiled at global conquest in two world wars, Germany is now fulfilling its master plan through economic means—and American and British businesses are its first target!

As the European Union assumes greater global power, a crucial element stands in its way: Nearly a century of British and American intelligence cooperation. Europe’s new independent defense policy and its determination to protect business within the Union demand that Britain choose where it will stand: with the U.S. or the EU.

The world has given up on America’s leadership role, and the European Union couldn’t be more pleased. Rampant anti-Americanism shows that the stage has been set for a fast-rising EU to become the world’s next superpower.

The dramatic rebound of Germany’s top munitions company