Andrew Hessong

Britain Cuts Military

Britain was ill-prepared for World War i. Although it had enlarged its Navy, its standing Army had been reduced in size in the years leading up to the war. It wasn’t until Britain had engaged Germany that a sufficient fighting force was raised, with the help of its allies, to eventually bring the nation to victory.

Since the eighth century, the Olympic Games have been accompanied by the declaration of an international truce. All nations are called upon to halt war from seven days before the games to seven days afterward, allowing participants and spectators to travel to and from the Olympics safely.

Robert Mugabe’s land reform policies have raped Zimbabwe. Sadly, rather than being condemned, they are being used as a model by Mugabe’s neighbors.

Tony Blair is committed to further integrating Britain into the EU. A growing number say that’s a terrible idea. Here’s the evidence to support their claim.

Prescription drugs is a hot political topic, and use of medications is soaring, among all ages. How much of this craze is borne of legitimate need—and how much are we relying on legal drugs to compensate for our bad behavior?

Feeding America’s immoderate appetite for oil comes with a high cost—and a measure of peril.

Events are demonstrating that over 40 years of efforts to halt the spread of weapons of mass destruction are failing—a problem that could result in human annihilation.

European Union exploits in the Congo may be more significant than would first appear.

Zimbabwe’s problems are spilling into the rainbow nation.

Robert Mugabe pins the blame for Zimbabwe’s woes on British colonialism, and his disciples love him for it. But his despotism is plunging the country into a new holocaust.