Trump Fined $83 Million—For Running for President

Former President Donald Trump arrives for a press conference at 40 Wall Street on January 17 in New York City.
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Trump Fined $83 Million—For Running for President

None of these charges would have been filed if Trump hadn’t stepped down the escalator seven years ago.

“I have absolutely no idea who this woman is,” Donald Trump said. The woman in question, E. Jean Carroll, is an 80-year-old woman who wrote a book accusing Trump of raping her.

She can’t remember exactly what day, month, season or year it happened. The entire event closely resembles the plot in a Law and Order episode, one of her favorite shows. She remembers the dress she was wearing when it happened. But the dress hadn’t been designed at that point.

Eight months ago, a liberal Manhattan jury, determined to punish Donald Trump on any pretext, said he had “sexually abused her”—but found him not guilty.

Yet another liberal jury has ruled that Trump defamed Carroll by declaring his innocence. He has been ordered to pay $83 million in damages.

Any objective observer can see this is the latest sham trial in a seven-year witch-hunt. Donald Trump is being persecuted for refusing to give up. He is being attacked for daring to run for president of the United States.

Who Is E. Jean Carroll?

“The best place to meet men is on the street. If you see somebody cool coming toward you, stop him! Drop your purse, drop your change, hand him a beer, hand him a $5 bill. … The street is the best place to meet a guy.”

Carroll said this in 1995 on network television, around the time she alleges Trump raped her.

In the 1990s, Carroll had her own television show called Ask E. Jean, in addition to other appearances on television. What she said on her show tells you what kind of person she is.

Her show was built around teaching other women “manhandling tricks.” “[C]hasing men is the highest amusement there is,” she said. She even had guests on the show that she would teach to be “manhandlers.” Much of it is too obscene to include here.

Despite all this, Carroll says Trump defamed her. The proof? She was fired from her advice column job at Elle magazine at 76 years old. For that, Trump was slapped with an $83 million penalty, even though Elle said Carroll wasn’t fired because of anything Trump said or did.

Overall, Carroll seems to be a bizarre woman. She calls her home the Mouse House because “some very distinguished mice live here.” She owns several pets, some with vulgar names. Her television and tweet history portray a sex-obsessed woman.

Carroll has a long history of falsely accusing men of rape. She told a visibly uncomfortable Anderson Cooper on CNN that “most people think of rape as being sexy.” Her lawsuit against President Trump was paid for by Democrat mega-donor Reid Hoffman, who is currently bankrolling Nikki Haley’s presidential run.

Carroll is just one part of an elaborate scheme to bankrupt and eliminate the leading candidate for the U.S. presidency.

Broken Justice System

Statutes of limitations are intended to protect defendants from stale or fictional allegations. Without a statute of limitations, anyone could accuse someone of a crime that took place decades prior, when evidence is no longer available. Trump was protected from Carroll’s allegations by the statute of limitations.

But in 2022, the New York Legislature passed the Adult Survivors Act, a law Carroll “helped” pass.

This law essentially threw the statute of limitations into the bin. Suddenly, Carroll could sue Trump for something that may or may not have happened decades ago.

Over the course of the trial, Trump wasn’t allowed to defend himself. Judge Lewis Kaplan attacked Trump and his attorneys while barring them from submitting evidence that would have incriminated Carroll. It appears Kaplan had a vested interest in seeing Trump lose this case.

Trump’s lawyers say one of Carroll’s lead counsels previously served as Kaplan’s law clerk. They are so close that Kaplan co-officiated her wedding. These potentially disqualifying connections were not subjected to an inquiry of conflict of interest beforehand.

America’s justice system is being held hostage by political activists masquerading as judges and jurors. Of the $83 million settlement, only $18 million was to repair Carroll’s image. The remaining $65 million was specifically to “punish Trump.”

Ready for War

That is what this entire case is about. It is what all the other indictments on President Trump are about too. The Adult Survivors Act was passed right around the time Trump announced his reelection bid. Carroll is currently holding a victory parade on mainstream media outlets, declaring her intent to use the Trump money to go shopping or buy penthouses for Rachel Maddow.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media is defaming Trump, calling him a convicted rapist, a pathological liar, a sociopath, a Nazi—even Adolf Hitler himself.

Trump has four more cases to go through, all as farcical as Carroll’s. Their intent is to punish Trump for running for president, for taking on the “deep state,” for promising to put America first and drain the swamp.

Carroll’s civil suit “serves as a mere preview of four additional left-wing criminal prosecutions, left-wing judges and left-wing juries to come—all on charges that would never had been filed if Trump either had not run for president or been a liberal progressive,” wrote Victor Davis Hanson.

We have seen this before: the Steele dossier, the Russia collusion hoax, the $500 million investment in voting machines, and much more. For the last seven years, there has been a concerted effort to attack and destroy the man who dares to get in the way of Barack Obama’s goal of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

The radical left has lied, cheated and even stolen to achieve their goal. But Trump continues to fight them. He vowed to appeal the verdict in the Carroll case. He is leading most major polls and he is pulling off record-breaking victories in the Republican primaries.

The sham trials, corrupt judges, mainstream media and political opponents are driven by a powerful spiritual force. It will take a war to recover the stolen election and save America. Donald Trump is proving he is ready for war.