‘Experts’ Misread Europe’s Crisis

Georges Gobet/AFP/Getty Images

‘Experts’ Misread Europe’s Crisis

The great temptation in observing the EU crisis is to misread it as reducing Germanic power. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Dealing with prophetic reality yields a wonderful confidence in the outcome of major world issues.

As journalists, analysts and commentators struggle to make sense of just what is going on in Europe right now, one thing is certain. Whatever eventuates in the short term, the long-term outcome is absolutely guaranteed. One nation, Germany, will emerge dominating the European scene and set up a method of political, economic, military and religious governance that will soon predominate in international relations for a brief moment, probably less than a few years.

A very few astute analysts have projected this scenario in recent times, though far down the track from Herbert Armstrong forecasting it 70 years ago, based on inerrant Bible prophecy.

Some few German minds, understanding the true nature of the German psyche and German history, realize that German elites are intent on building a wider empire beyond Europe’s continental borders.

That drive by German elites is beginning to ride roughshod over that nation’s traditional postwar ally of convenience, France.

In a second installment on this theme, the sharp analysts at German-Foreign-Policy.com, based in Cologne, Germany, yesterday released the following account: “Heavy clashes between Berlin and Paris on the EU’s foreign and military policies are accompanying the escalating German-French dispute on the euro-crisis solution. A present analysis confirms that power battles between Germany and France are blocking the hegemonic expansion of the EU into all the world, including and most especially, practical military cooperation or common armament projects” (October 26, translation ours).

With Gallic-Teutonic differences predictably rising to the fore now that the gloves are coming off the hands of the nationalist German elites, tensions between the two dominant nations in the European Union are rising to breaking point. This is beginning to break down mooted prospects for closer cooperation between German and French military forces.

The German-Foreign-Policy.com analysis continues, “Meanwhile it is said that, with regard to the German-French Brigade, considered an element of projected future European Armed Forces, ‘the experiment is hitting its limits.’ Analysts point out that a pragmatic military cooperation between France and England has lead to a measurable success—most recently with the bombing of a new regime into power in Libya—while at the same time German-French ‘blockades’ have hindered a unified EU politic.”

Those are the facts emerging from the current European crisis that has now morphed beyond a financial crisis of the eurozone into a full-blown political crisis affecting all 27 EU member nations.

Yet, beyond the facts of the day, it is when pundits seek to predict the outcome of such a major world event that they falter. As German-Foreign-Policy.com muses, “Experts view EU military politics as already being ‘in a coma’ and anticipate a coming subordination of Europe to the U.S.” (ibid).

That such a conclusion could be reached by “experts” beggars belief if one has truly followed the moves and the motives of German elites, as we have, for the past seven decades. It is the very opposite prognosis to the reality of the predestined outcome of this situation.

The great twist in events that will soon startle the world is just how quickly the mutable German elites will turn apparent catastrophe in the EU into a catalyst to actually create in Europe a powerful northern imperial force of overwhelming strike capability, complete with that which the U.S. lacks—the political will to actually use that power to its fullest extent!

This great northern power will literally overwhelm the threat of Islamist expansionism that has placed America in withdrawal mode in relation to Iraq. It will then ripple on to, believe it or not, rather than witness the EU being subordinate to the U.S., completely turn the tables on America to effectively subordinate that nation and its traditional ally, Britain, to the whim of German elites. That is the absolutely certain outcome of today’s European crisis that the “experts” miss completely.

Our booklet Germany and the Holy Roman Empire explains this reality in detail, drawing on history and inerrant Bible prophecy to prove the point. Our challenge to the doubters is just wait, and watch, and see the reality of Bible prophecy reach its fullest fruition in the days, weeks and months ahead.