Draghi Puts Teeth Into ECB

John Thys/AFP/Getty Images

Draghi Puts Teeth Into ECB

The designated new head of Europe’s central bank shows his power.

The European Central Bank’s new chief, Italian Mario Draghi, does not take over from incumbent Jean-Claude Trichet till November, but already he’s calling the shots in the eurozone’s unprecedented crisis.

Under the headline, “Mario Draghi: New ECB Chief Dictates Berlusconi’s Emergency Plan,” the German daily Handelsblatt reports: “From November he is ecb chief. But Mario Draghi is already a powerful string-puller behind the scenes. Whatever Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi does to calm the markets, Draghi has dictated to him” (August 8; translation ours).

As theTrumpet.com had predicted in the article “The Vatican, Germany and Global Regulation” (April 13, 2009), Mario Draghi will bring a new offensive approach to banking regulation in tandem with Germany. He is the man for the moment who will become a powerful voice in steering the European Union through its next phase, that of a total restructuring of its economy, and he’s started with his own home country (ibid; emphasis added throughout):

Along with Trichet last Thursday, he wrote a letter to Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. The contents were strictly confidential. In Rome the rumor spread that the ecb’s willingness to buy Italian government bonds imposed certain conditions on the Italian government. Milan’s Corriere della Sera today, citing the secrecy of the secret letter, confirmed the rumors of recent days.Trichet and Draghi, according to Corriere quasi, have written a “government program” specifying in detail what the government must do: the actions, timetable and the legislative decisions that must be addressed.

On Friday, a humbled Prime Minister Berlusconi issued a press statement confirming compliance with the ecb demands. EU elites have now set a precedent. They have proven that they can freely dictate government policy to even the most powerful and influential of EU member nations!

Mario Draghi will soon hold the dual posts of president of the ecb and chief of the financial regulatory authority, the Financial Stability Board, a post he’s held since 2006. These two offices, plus what will be the soon-to-be-enhanced power of the president of the European Council, will work in tandem to force the restructuring of the EU through the instrument of the European Financial Stability Facility.

Draghi’s dictating government policy to his own prime minister has clearly demonstrated the power that this man is prepared, with Germany’s backing, to wield. This has taken EU elites’ prior diktats to Ireland, Portugal and Greece to a far higher level.

Handelsblatt clearly places the crucial role that Draghi is already playing in the restructuring of Europe in its true perspective, stating that Draghi “in these days of crisis plays a key role between Rome and Frankfurt” (op. cit.).

Well, we’d better get used to this. From here on it will be Rome and Frankfurt financially and economically, and Rome and Berlin politically that will work together to overhaul the European Union and pull it into its final shape of 10 dominant nations, fully compliant with the will of Rome and Berlin (Revelation 13 and 17).

It’s no longer a matter of holding one’s breath waiting for all this to happen. It’s now more a case of one hardly having the time to take a breath before the next phase of the prophecies relating to the consolidation of the Holy Roman Empire is upon us.