The Vatican, Germany and Global Regulation

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The Vatican, Germany and Global Regulation

There’s something sinister about the linkage between the Vatican, certain German elites and the regulatory power that Anglo-Americans have yielded up to the EU-controlled Financial Stability Board.

We are not conspiracy theorists. We don’t believe in the rapture. Nor do we have any affiliation with any of the sects that claim knowledge of underground dealings of secret societies working to establish a new world order.

We are simply realists who have proven the existence of God, proven the veracity of His Word in the Bible, and have a record established for over 70 years in proving the progressive fulfillment of Bible prophecy for these times.

One of the prophecies that we have persistently pointed to as rapidly becoming a reality over the 20 years of the Trumpet’s existence, consistent with the same predictions made by Herbert Armstrong for the over 50 years that he published the Plain Truth magazine, relates to the rise of a powerful European economic bloc, dominated by the Vatican and the German nation, that is destined, for a very brief period, to gain global dominance.

Certain actions by Vatican loyalists and German corporatists involved in the European and global banking community have recently consummated in establishing a regulatory power that will oversee all major corporate, financial and banking decisions around the globe. That institution is the Financial Stability Board (fsb), headed by Italian banking guru Mario Draghi.

Draghi, a committed Europhile and dedicated Roman Catholic with connections that run deep within the global banking and finance community, and having historic Vatican Bank and European Central Bank connections, has suddenly become the most powerful regulator of banking, finance and commerce in the world. His overnight elevation to international prominence came in the wake of the 20 most powerful economies in the world signing over their individual sovereign powers regulating their economies to the fsb at the recent G-20 conference in London.

Perhaps Mr. Draghi would have escaped our notice if it were not for the intriguing history that he possesses connecting him with the Vatican, Vatican banking, major financial enterprises that have strong connections with German banking and commercial interests, and both the Italian and the European central banks, and the fact of his Jesuit training. That all amounts to an extremely interesting package when one is considering the CV of the individual who now heads up the most powerful regulatory body within the global economy.

Our longtime readers will be aware that we have been looking for some time for the European Union, the greatest single trading entity in the world, to show its muscle to the point that it would eventually dictate economic policy to most of the globe, in particular the Anglo-Saxon nations. Such a development is guaranteed by certain prophecies embedded in Scripture, especially in the 13th and the 17th chapters of the book of Revelation. The capitulation by the 20 most powerful economies in the world, including the United States and Britain, to the regulatory authority of the fsb gives the European Union that very power potential!

Speaking shortly after the conclusion of the recent G-20 conference in London, “Draghi, who is also a member of the European Central Bank Governing Council, said certain decisions agreed at the G-20 were good but would take time to implement,” Reuters reported.

“The reform of remuneration systems or the setting up of colleges of supervisors for banks or insurers can be done immediately,” he said. “But in other cases, like the reinforcement of capital bases, we all agree on the way to go but it will take a year or two to work out the details.”

However, certain negative systemic factors lie deeply embedded within the global economy that could accelerate the fsb agenda very rapidly. Signs show that by year’s end the global economy will have so worsened that social instability will be causing governments wide concern. In particular, the prospect of escalating inflation in the wake of the financial policies being pursued by Anglo-Saxon governments could even lead to the collapse of whole national economies. Such a state of events could very well impel the powers behind the fsb to use its regulatory authority to the political and economic advantage of its principal controller, the European Union!

The managing director of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, has already warned that the world is even now in depression and that it “risked a slide into social disorder and military conflict” (, April 7).

Those who have tracked the old European collectivist vision through its “Holy” Roman history, translated into the Hitlerian nightmare of the 1940s, then its perpetuation underground from the conclusion of World War ii to its resurrection via the Treaty of Rome in 1957, on to the growth of the European collective in its present form as the European Union, should not be surprised by the extent of the powers now invested in this EU clone, the Financial Stability Board.

The Trumpet will keep you abreast of developments as this latest extension of EU power begins to impose its regulatory power on the global economy to the very point that “no man might buy or sell” without yielding to its authority (Revelation 13:16-17).

In a future article we will explore the ramifications of the fsb and its historic connections, and give more detail as to how it is destined to affect the lives of every man, woman and child on the planet! In the meantime, tune in to our Key of David television program and follow the news behind the news through to keep abreast of those current events, generally ignored by the press and mass media, that will have powerful impact on society in the near future.