EU Fraud Continues Unabated

John Thys/AFP/Getty Images

EU Fraud Continues Unabated

For the 16th consecutive year, auditors refuse to sign off EU accounts.

Following a succession of whistle-blowers, from Bernard Connolly to Paul van Buitenen, Marta Andreason and Dougal Watt, lifting the lid on rampant fraud in the European Union’s institutions, nothing has changed. Once again, for the 16th consecutive year since Connolly’s initial public exposure of corruption within “the rotten heart of Europe” (the title of the book he published in 1995), the EU’s auditors have refused to sign off its annual accounts.

To any other institution or business, this would spell disaster. To the European Union, it’s not even worth a passing mention. The fact is that the whole EU project has been a fraud from its beginning. The massive misuse of funds perpetrated and so readily tolerated by EU elites continues unabated. And that’s only the tip of this deeply corrupted iceberg.

Yet to any real student of EU history, this is but to be expected. The EU is tainted at its source, as John Laughland wrote two years after Connolly’s book was released. “In recent years, European politics has resounded to a dull, repetitive thud: that of nails being driven into the coffin of democracy” (The Tainted Source).

In 1992, the Maastricht Treaty cast Europe’s future into imperialist stone. The capstone on it all was the Lisbon Treaty, which all 27 EU member nations signed up to in 2009. Even that was a great fraud, as European technocrats fiddled with words in an attempt to mask the reality that the treaty was in essence a European constitution.

But now the cat’s out of the bag. Week by week by their very actions, German elites are revealing that the EU was but a cloak for the same old fascist ideas that almost, save by the grace of God, became a reality under Nazi tyranny 70 years ago.

The most recent revelation that has Europe quaking in its boots is the threat by Germany that it will impose an economic government on the EU. This will be done by exerting centralizing control over EU member nations’ taxation policies. The fact that this will cause a two-speed Europe, with a clear division between the richer and the poorer nations, should be obvious to all. But, as Germany’s finance minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, asserted at the recent Munich Security Conference (msc), such a crisis will just hasten the desired success of the initiative. Success to German elites will be to impose their own solution, which is to gain a stranglehold over all the economies of Europe.

Read between the lines of the following interchange between Schäuble, EU Commissioner Ollie Rehn and financier George Soros during their panel discussion at the msc on February 4:

Soros: “The euro created a divergence in Europe’s economies. Germany plans a common treasury and a common fiscal policy for the EU. … This creates a two-speed Europe. … Debtor countries sink under the weight of debt while strong economies grow. … This will present a bad political situation allowing for the rise of extremist political groups.”Schäuble: “The challenge is how to handle the financial crisis versus global security versus global governance.Rehn: “A new and enforced economic government is needed. We need a global government to allow the markets to stay close to equilibrium. We need a third way. A rules-based system similar to that which Ludwig Erhard implemented. The German example is the real EU model.”Soros: “A rules-based system will be flawed due to human imperfection.”Schäuble: “The global financial crisis happened due to too-high demand and too little regulation. We need more regulation. The EU is the classic example of regional cooperation. The Chinese model is not for the rest of the world. The problem of 2008 was due to lack of rules. We need a rules-based system with competition and freedom. Rules and framework, look for these.”Rehn: “The German approach is a very responsible policy.”Schäuble: “The deeper the crisis, the better the chance for getting solutions!”

Reading between the lines, EU elites are determined to push through the imposition of centralized economic governance on Europe, deliberately creating a crisis of divergence between the stronger and the weaker EU members. This crisis will be as deliberately caused as was the Greek economic crisis in which German elites were equally culpable. It will have the same results—control of the nations’ economies by centralized authority vested in Brussels, Berlin and Frankfurt.

It’s not just the unacceptable nature of the annual accounts of the European Union’s multiple institutions extending over the past 16 years that reveals the EU’s fraudulent nature. It’s the now quite overt, anti-democratic stance of its real controllers, the elites who rule from the very heartland of Europe, whose thinking is embedded in a very tainted source.

That source is universalist at its core. It speaks of the need for “one world government,” of the need for security to be global in extent and responsibility. It speaks of centralized regulation that is imposed over sovereign national jurisdiction, by authorities unaccountable to any electorate. It speaks further of a perceived need for a supreme global human authority to which all humanity would be subservient. But as Soros said, such a system would be flawed by human imperfection.

John Laughland states, “Such thinking is infused with the utopian belief in ‘new order’ governed by an elite of administrators and planners … like all socialist thought, such ‘new thinking’ is predicated on a radical rejection of humanity as it is now, and indeed of liberty …” (op. cit.).

The reality is, this is not “new thinking” at all. It’s as old as the collectivist rule of Nimrod at ancient Babylon, hence its tainted source.

That source, which is at the very roots of the fraudulent, imperialist, European Union project, is revealed in your Bible. A very specific prophecy for our times equates this final effort to resurrect the old Holy Roman Empire as none other than a last-ditch attempt to impose the way of ancient, universalist, socialist Babylon on Europe and the globe (Revelation 17:5).

The prophecies reveal not only the resurrection of this ancient globalist system in our time, they prophesy its end (Revelation 14:8; 16:9; 18:2, 10, 21).

Even more than that, the prophecies for our time reveal the nature of a global government not of man—hence not subject to human imperfection—which will replace that old perpetually resurrecting Babylonish system. For a preview of that new world order, read our book The Wonderful World Tomorrow—What It Will Be Like. It’s a book that reveals a vision of real hope in a time of increasing global disruption.