EU—One for the ‘Too Hard’ Tray

Virginie Lefour/AFP/Getty Images

EU—One for the ‘Too Hard’ Tray

While the European Union forces obedience to Brussels on many issues that once were the sovereign right of member nations, it has just dodged a question on religious practice once again.

“To veil or not to veil”—that is the question the European Union faces in relation to whether or not to permit Islamic women to wear the face veil or burka. Can Brussels do something about it? Not right now seems to be the answer. Let individual nations decide, say the boffins in Brussels!

This is an intriguing response when measured against the EU’s adamant stance on other legal questions. It is completely out of step with instances where the EU has demanded outright that once-sovereign nations bow to the legal supremacy of their EU master.

Brussels appears to conveniently have three baskets on its imperialist desk into which it slides matters of import. One labeled “action now” is reserved for those matters that are necessary to shore up the imperialist EU power base. These the EU enacts unilaterally with little or no fanfare. This is how most of the massive body of complex regulations that govern EU member nations has come into being, actioned by the infamous, faceless, unelected Brussels-based bureaucrats who remain unaccountable to the EU electorate. These regulations total over 100,000 pages in that which is known as the EU’s aquis communitaire. They slide into the “action” tray and out very quickly to be silently written into EU regulations which are then forced onto EU members with no effective recourse to any right of appeal.

It then appears that another basket labeled “pending” is reserved to collect those matters which are of such a political nature as to progressively remove the foundation of national sovereignty of its member nations brick by brick. Such matters are those where EU member governments are either constitutionally obliged to hold referenda, or their political leaders fear repercussions from their constituents if their voice is unheard on the issue at stake.

These issues must simply remain “pending action” till the EU has either bludgeoned national leaders into submission or has mounted powerfully deceptive media campaigns to change the mind of the public so that a majority vote in favor of the EU proposal is effected. Such was the case with the refusal to accept the negative vote by the Irish public against signing up to the Lisbon Treaty/EU constitution. The EU poured cash into a media campaign that overwhelmed any ability of the opposition to counter it. The Irish were simply brainwashed into yielding to the EU will. They changed their vote to “yes” and signed up to the onerous Lisbon Treaty, signing away their national sovereignty in the process.

The most infamous case of the bludgeoning approach was Chancellor Helmut Kohl threatening that Germany might be forced into obtaining its will by resorting to its “more traditional methods” if EU member nations did not kowtow to his government’s will.

Then, we theorize, the EU must have another basket labeled “too hard for the moment.” This is especially reserved for matters of ideology, most especially religion! Thus it is that the EU has ruled this week that whether or not Islamic women should wear a face veil is up to individual nations to make their own laws.

This is strange—very strange indeed. For it flies directly in the face of precedent-setting cases where it has been made very plain that EU law patently trumps the once sovereign law of its member nations!

The latest such case involved a British citizen who had appealed to the European Court of Appeal against a ruling of a British court on a human rights issue. The European Court reversed the British court’s judgment and has denied any right of appeal by the British government. This clearly demonstrates that which we have maintained all along, that the powers yielded up to the European legal system by EU member nations clearly indicate that EU law trumps the previous sovereign law of all its member nations—with one exception, Germany!

So it is that we make a prediction. Soon the matter of whether or not Islamic women will be permitted to wear face veils will be transferred from the EU “too hard” basket into its “action now” basket. And the main driver, once again, will be Germany, aided and abetted in this instance by Rome!

The reason we can make such a prediction with such supreme confidence that it will occur is simply because your Bible indicates that regardless of today’s prevailing mask of secularism in Europe, the old religion of Rome will soon dominate as the state religion of a united Europe.

If you are intrigued by our boldness in making such a declaration, then check the prophecy for yourself. Read our booklet Who or What Is the Prophetic Beast? and think deeply on its ramifications. It may just help you avoid certain catastrophe in the future.