Germany—Watch This Space

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Germany—Watch This Space

Will the German president’s resignation be Edmund Stoiber’s moment?

For some time, the Trumpet has pointed to the German statesman Edmund Stoiber as being a man to watch when Germany needed a strong leader in a time of crisis.

That Germany is enmeshed in a deep political crisis is plain for all to see, this at a time when the whole world is looking to Europe’s most powerful nation for leadership within a time of the Continent’s accelerating sovereign debt crisis.

Chancellor Merkel’s coalition government is fragmented and now in drastic decline only seven months after its installation. Her party deputy, Roland Koch, has resigned from leadership of the state of Hesse. Her major coalition partner, the Free Democratic Party, is in disarray, with its popularity at rock bottom. Meanwhile, to add to her own and her government’s woes, Germany’s president, Horst Köhler, has also suddenly resigned following negative press resulting from him simply telling the truth about Germany’s need to secure its overseas interests. The resignation of a German president is unprecedented.

Something is happening in Germany. Something that has potentially earthshaking consequences attached to it. This may well be developing into the major crisis that our editor in chief has predicted will result in the change in leadership in Germany which will bring to the fore the leader who is prophesied to arise in these times as per the great prophecy of Daniel 8.

Our readers should know that we have pointed to the unusual combination of powerful Bavarians on the scene in Europe today—Joseph Ratzinger, pope; Baron Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, Germany’s minister of defense, a baron of the Holy Roman Empire; and elder statesman Edmund Stoiber.

Predictably, the pope has stayed the course of the massive left-wing media attack launched against him in the pedophilia scandal headlined in the press and mass media earlier this year. He is already well advanced in his crusade against his attackers.

Meanwhile, Guttenberg has continued to work, largely in the shadows, to refine and strengthen Germany’s defense forces at the same time as working with German industrialists to ensure coordination, consolidation and standardization of the EU’s defense industries. In addition, he has sought to draw nato into closer alliance with Europe’s developing military force.

As for Edmund Stoiber, he appears to be ripe for selection as a prime candidate for the post of Germany’s president. It would be in his favor that he hails from Germany’s Christian Democratic Union, the Bavarian-based cdu partner in Germany’s coalition government. Should Stoiber be selected for the presidency, one thing is for sure—he would not be restrained from pulling strings behind the scenes of government by the traditionally ceremonial nature of the job!

So there it is. Yet once again we draw attention to three Bavarians of the moment—Joseph Ratzinger, Baron Guttenberg and Edmund Stoiber.

For further developments on Germany’s current political crisis and to understand its relevance to the times we are living through right now—watch this space!