The Coming European Explosion


The Coming European Explosion

Over 50 years of unifying effort within Europe is about to climax in a division of explosive force.

The Trumpet has recently commenced pointing its readers to the imminence of a grand restructuring of the European Union into its final prophesied form as the seventh resurrection of the old Holy Roman Empire.

Germany is at the very beating heart of this process.

Three phenomena in particular are rapidly moving the Germanic-empowered EU toward the greatest shakeup in its history, an upheaval of tectonic proportions: the global economic crisis; Europe’s own constitutional crisis; and the yawning spiritual vacuum that is gnawing at the very vitals of the EU, creating an overwhelming desire, in particular within Germany, for messianic deliverance.

Global Crisis

Conflicting reports on the state of Germany’s economy have students of the “German question” puzzled right now. While some observers are talking up a storm about Germany’s economy being in deep trouble, specific measures of small business growth and investment confidence spell out a different story. The plain truth is that Germany, as the world’s greatest export nation, and one of its most significant sources of foreign investment, stands to gain substantially from the current economic downturn.

Over the years, Germany has cannily purchased stock in the most strategic of industries in foreign countries—power generation and distribution, water resources, road and rail infrastructure, food and beverage industries, mail and cargo services and seaport development. Germany’s Deutsche Bank is one of the most significant investment houses in the world. Unlike many of its Western counterparts, Deutsche Bank ensures that it buys a proportion of stock in every enterprise to which it lends. This ensures that the bank has a certain degree of input into management decisions made by the beneficiaries of its loans.

The German press has decried the nation’s overdependence on Russian energy resources, by which Russia can hold Germany to ransom. What many commentators forget is that it was German investment, German technology and German technical know-how that largely contributed to the resurgence of Russia’s oil and gas industries which powered that nation’s economic recovery over the past decade. Russia and Germany mutually depend on each other for economic strength and for political stability, especially in the border regions between the EU member nations and Russia. The current economic crisis thus plays to Germany’s favor as Russia’s oil revenues plummet, placing it in a vulnerable economic situation relative to its Teutonic neighbor.

There’s more than meets the eye to former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder’s appointment as a top executive attached to Russia’s largest energy concern, Gazprom!

Then, given Germany’s dominant position as the globe’s largest exporter of goods, obviously, as prices for raw materials deflate globally, and as hard-hit nations scale down industrial output to restructure in recession, this creates a positive climate for German exports.

Yet, apart from the above scenarios, the greatest benefit to Germany will be realized through its imposition of regulation on the global financial system. As we have previously pointed out, the top 20 most powerful economies in the world have recently signed up to what is virtually a European Union- (read German-) controlled regulatory body, called the Financial Stability Board (fsb). This action has virtually yielded the control of global investment to the EU, or what some are already referring to as the GEU—Germanic European Union.

At this point, the prophecies of Revelation 13 leap suddenly into prominence! Germany is now in the position, through its vassal the fsb, to not only virtually control all 27 national economies within the EU, but also have the future potential to control the whole global economy, believe it or not!

Constitutional Crisis

Perhaps most surprising of all to the casual observer is the fact that the very nation that created the monolithic structure of the European Union, the world’s single greatest trading bloc, is currently poised to bring its present structure undone!

Within the next two months, Germany’s constitutional court is due to render a verdict on whether the pending European reform treaty, or the Lisbon Treaty (formerly the European Constitution), breaches Germany’s national sovereignty. This decision is pending right on the eve of the EU parliamentary elections slated for the first week in June. It could well throw the EU into its deepest crisis since its inception.

Following the Bundestag’s passing of the Lisbon Treaty on April 24 last year, Dr. Peter Gauweiler, a member of Chancellor Merkel’s Christian Democrat/Christian Social Union parliamentary group in the Bundestag, charged that the treaty was irreconcilable with Germany’s Basic Law. The case has held up ratification of the treaty via the signature of German President Horst Kohler.

If, during either May or June, the court finds in favor of Gautweiler’s claim, Germany will be forced to reject the treaty in its present form. Thus it would fall to Germany, the prime mover behind the series of treaties that have consummated in the present European Constitution/reform treaty, to determine the future life or death of the EU reform treaty.

Such a state of affairs opens up a powerfully prophetic scenario.

From time to time, the Trumpet has reminded its readers that the present unwieldy 27-nation European Union will undergo a dramatic change that will reduce the number of effective voices controlling it politically, economically, militarily and religiously to just 10 entities in subjection to one overriding political master, influenced by one pervasive spiritual influence (Revelation 13, 17). This scenario, which has been building toward its climax since its prime movers went underground at the close of World War ii, is totally consistent with the biblical prophecies for out time.

Our editor in chief recently highlighted this pending incredible reality in his personal in the May/June edition of the Trumpet.

Spiritual Vacuum

One other element of confusion to observers of the EU and Germany is the consistent claim by the liberal press that Europe is increasingly becoming a less a “Christian” society and more a secular one.

Don’t you believe it!

The fact of the matter is that both the late Pope John Paul ii and the present Pope Benedict xvi have consistently pulled more crowds at their public appearances than any of their predecessors in modern times!

The Vatican has substantially greater audiences globally than any other religion, given that it has taken full advantage of the very latest of electronic communications media. The Vatican fully exploits radio, television, the Worldwide Web and YouTube using very sophisticated and highly developed techniques. Pope Benedict is one of the most prolifically published of all popes. The Vatican is highly geared to take full advantage of the messianic hunger that currently gnaws at the vitals of the rising northern power presently called the European Union.

That the scene is set for the rise of a populist, messianic leader in Europe is patently obvious to those who have observed Europe over the years. This is especially the case in Europe’s most powerful nation, Germany.

The most dramatic evidence of this emptiness currently being felt deep within the collective national soul of the German nation was the tremendous fervor with which 2 million Germans greeted President Obama during his campaign visit to Berlin last summer. This was added to by the mass euphoria that flooded the German print and electronic media greeting the news of Barack Obama’s success in gaining the American presidency. This wave of collective German emotion was in fact a dangerous sign that Germany pines for its own populist leader.

Germany has grown tired of the comparatively bland politics of Chancellor Merkel. Henry Nitzsche, independent member of the German Bundestag, recently compared Chancellor Merkel to a historic British counterpart, Margaret Thatcher, “who banged her handbag on the table and said ‘I want my money back,’ thereby securing the British rebate which is still in place today. We, by contrast, have only Frau Merkel as chancellor. She brings her handbag with her just to open it up and chuck further billions at Brussels” (speech delivered at a Campaign for an Independent Britain meeting, April 4).

Germany’s national elections are slated for this September. The most obvious frontrunner at this stage is Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier. He has the right connections, being a confidante of Gerhard Schröder, now closely associated with Russian Prime Minister Putin. That augers well for the future Russo-German alliance that is even now in the earliest stages of negotiation. Being former head of Germany’s spy team, the bnd, Steinmeier is also well placed to deal effectively with domestic political enemies.

But Steinmeier is no charismatic leader. He has no obvious messianic appeal.

One factor about this coming election to watch for is that which our editor in chief pointed to in his latest Trumpet personal, that it “could very well produce the political leader of the Holy Roman Empire—and through devious means. The Bible prophesies that this man will come to power with deceit and flatteries” (emphasis mine).

Germany’s federal election may yet produce a candidate who seemingly comes from nowhere to gain the nation’s top post by such means. Bible prophecies indicate that this leader will be closely associated with the Vatican. The pope is a Bavarian Catholic.

Will the forthcoming leader of the final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire also be Roman Catholic and Bavarian? It’s a thought worthy of consideration.

Either way, politics within Germany and Europe are in for a rocky time over the next six months and thus bear watching very closely.

One thing is sure. The Continent is about to undergo a sea change in the structure of the European Union and in the leadership of the resultant entity that finally emerges under the 10 prophesied leaders who will unitedly rally behind this prophesied master diplomat of the flattering tongue (Daniel 8).

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