Germany—World Champion Spy!

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Germany—World Champion Spy!

Germany has just trumped all other nations with its latest espionage tool.

Many events occurring this year in Europe are reinforcing the increasing dominance of that continent by the nation of Germany.

Having created a monetary system that contained inequities destined to sow the seeds of its own failure, Germany now has the whole of Eastern Europe in addition to Ireland, the Baltic countries and Iceland virtually begging for German initiative to lead them out of economic crisis.

Germany is clearly the economic and the political power to which the whole of Europe now looks for leadership in its time of crisis. Yet it has been roundly criticized for not pulling its weight in the security and defense of the West.

Germany has for some time been encouraged by other EU nations and, in particular, by the United States, to shoulder a greater burden in the defense and security of not only Europe, but in theaters such as Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf. Almost every step of the way, Germany has appeared reluctant to oblige. Now, things are changing—and changing rapidly. All of a sudden, Germany’s postwar image as a reluctant debutante has been replaced by that of a new, vigorous, highly inventive, state-of-the-art emerging military power!

The ascendancy of a new American president has catalyzed certain elites in Berlin and Brussels to seize upon America’s moment of political weakness as their moment of revived strength. With a greenhorn administration not even fully in place and systemic economic weakness distracting Washington at home, foreign policy has not really been given its due by the new administration. This has presented Germany with the ideal opening to begin negotiations with Russia to form a European/Russian alliance that is destined to cut America out of its postwar role as leader of a transatlantic alliance.

At the same time, Germany is also positioning itself to lead the EU to divorce itself from dependence on the U.S. for intelligence obtained by extraterrestrial sources. Germany has suddenly become the leader in the art of space-age international spying.

No outside power has pressured Germany into doing this. It is something that Germany has, of its own volition under the EU umbrella, quietly developed without a great deal of publicity. It is about to propel the German nation into the position of dominance not only in Europe, but on a world scale in the art of gathering of military intelligence.

In the great power game played by nations on this world’s stage, the intelligence edge wins the day. If any nation can gain the jump on another by receiving knowledge of its power aspirations and strategies through monitoring the most private communications of its leaders, and the placement and the movement of military materiel and personnel, it gains the power to predict, frustrate, even stymie that nation’s efforts to consolidate, retain or extend that power.

Further, if any nation gains the power to block the channels of communication crucial to the sustenance of another nation’s, or alliance of nations’, information flows and lines of supply, it can impose a communications blackout—a literal communications blockade!

In World Wars i and ii, the British were able to crack the codes of the enemy and thus gather crucial intelligence on German troop movements. This strategic edge, was crucial to Ango-Saxon victory in World war i and together with the British lead in radar technology, was crucial to victory in World War ii. However, German elites learned much from the devastating defeat of their nation in both those wars—much that has stimulated their effort to place Germany at the top of the pile in military intelligence.

The astute team at has reported that Germany recently propelled itself into a leading global position in respect of its capacity for satellite empowered military surveillance. “Having launched a new reconnaissance satellite-based system, the German Bundeswehr is celebrating its enhanced capacity for carrying out independent military operations. The sar-Lupe system, which had achieved full operational capability at the end of 2008, has catapulted the German Armed Forces into a position of world leader in radar-based reconnaissance, according to a high-ranking officer. With this ‘new instrument at its disposal’ Berlin can, ‘at its own political volition, gather exclusive and global data independently.’ This new reconnaissance capacity has drastically reduced its ‘dependence on other countries’ in the field of security policy. … The spy satellites will not only provide information to the Bundeswehr but also to the foreign intelligence service” (March 6, emphasis mine).

That development is shocking enough, considering that it has only taken 20 years for Germany to rise from its status as a divided nation, with no permission to defend anything other than its own borders—and even that restricted to operations under nato’s purview—to the status, as a reunited nation, of “world leader” in extraterrestrial spying! But what is even more shocking is the revelation as to which nation has been Germany’s partner in the development of this state-of-the-art spy technology. “Moscow played a key role in supporting the development of the satellite-based system that will foster the trend toward independence from Washington” (ibid.).

Manfred Fuchs, ceo of the lead contractor responsible for developing the sar-Lupe project, Bremen-based ohb System AG, declared that, on the radar level, “Germany is world champion. There is no comparable system” (ibid.).

Germany’s new spy satellite system is part of a program of global reconnaissance, termed gmes for Global Monitoring for Environment and Security, currently based in Berlin. This program is regarded as the flagship for the European Union’s future space projects. Commenting on the program, EU Commissioner Günter Verheugen declared that it would literally transform Europe into a “space power” (ibid.).

Any Anglo-Saxon military strategist with a knowledge of history from 1871 to 1945 ought to be deeply worried about these developments! Consider the ramifications: a German leadership position in global surveillance, developed in partnership with Russia, part of a program to transmute the EU into a space power, with the intention of the entire program being used for military purposes!

Yet the system has an even wider purpose. Germany’s Federal Office of Criminal Investigation (bka) has a cooperation agreement to receive spy photos from the satellites “for making threat analyses or for measures of police surveillance. The spy satellites are, by definition, also among the ‘instruments’ to be deployed in the European ‘combat against refugees’” (ibid.) The German bnd, the nation’s official espionage department (in fact, an outgrowth of the old Nazi SS) also has access to the intelligence information.

To those who have closely watched Germany’s rapid development into a military power of global standing since the nation’s reunification barely 20 years ago, these are startling developments. Defense experts from Washington and London ought to be in a huddle to decide how to counter the future risks to their security that such initiatives portend.

Don’t hold your breath. The American president has recently given Britain’s prime minister short shrift and just declined an invitation to speak before the European Parliament. Few indications exist that either London or Washington even begin to perceive the reality of the dangers inherent in Germany’s sudden propulsion to global dominance in satellite-based spy expertise.

After all, one would have to at least begin with a sense of history, something that both the current British and American socialist-inclined governments appear to possess in quite small quantities.

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