The Fruits of Education

From the May 2001 Trumpet Print Edition

We experienced the industrial revolution in the 19th century—a great burst of advancement and knowledge. Two world wars followed in the 20th century—the most destructive wars ever, killing 60 to 70 million people.

In the last two centuries, there has been an incredible explosion in knowledge. Mankind has become better educated than ever before—but also more dangerous and destructive. We are on the brink of human extinction from nuclear, chemical and biological warfare! As we gain more knowledge, the world becomes more dangerous. Why? Because as our knowledge increases, understanding decreases.

Our educational institutions have overlooked human nature. They ignore the fact that it is “deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked” (Jer. 17:9). Our human nature must be changed. We have no control of our knowledge, because we lack character.

Most educators teach that we are evolving into better human beings. The truth is, we are degenerating in our character. Remember, Germany was one of the most educated countries in the world, before and during World War ii; and they followed a mad man—Adolf Hitler! Something was dangerously wrong with their education.

After the tragedy of World War ii, we failed to reeducate the German people. Today Germany is domineering Europe once again. And it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Educators should have known how to reeducate the Nazis, but they didn’t.

Theodore Roosevelt wrote that a great university should teach “above all of character.” This is where education has failed today. And because of that failure, we now face human annihilation!

But still, there is awesome hope. Of all the creatures on Earth, only man has the capacity to be educated. Animals can merely be trained. Only men and women have an incredible human potential.

That understanding alone should astound our minds. Man is not an animal. He is made in the image of God (Gen. 1:26). Man has a potential that reaches far beyond this Earth. But how can our universities ever educate our youth if they don’t even know what our potential is—a billion times above that of an animal!

Mankind was created to be born into the God family. Not die forever like an animal! But to achieve that potential requires a lifetime of proper education.

Our schools are greatly overcrowded. They were not designed to build character “above all.” Young people get lost in the crowd. And what a severe penalty our societies pay. School shootings are only a small part of the price.

After all of man’s history, we still don’t know how to educate our young people. How condemning!

Colleges today can’t even solve their own problems. And they certainly can’t solve the world’s problems. Many professors say they only teach students to know the questions—not the answers. That is the epitome of ignorance! This world is filled with problems and we need answers before we become extinct.

The church which sponsors this magazine is starting a small liberal arts college this year. Our young people will be educated to teach the world how to live, and how to build—not destroy.

We hope that upbuilding principle will be evident even in the appearance of our campus. Recently, a few of our co-workers donated 12 cedars of Lebanon to be planted on campus. The cedar of Lebanon is apparently one of God’s favorite trees (Ps. 104:16). It was used extensively in building Solomon’s temple. It’s only a tiny sampling of God’s magnificent creation.

Man has made this Earth very ugly and dangerous. But how beautiful and majestic this world should be. Soon this world is going to change, through the right kind of education.

Imperial College is the first small step of that worldwide process of re-education. For more explanation of our aims in starting Imperial College, or a look at our developing campus or curriculum, visit our website: