Putin Signs Landmark Defense Pact With North Korea

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in North Korea on June 19 for a two-day visit, marking his first in 24 years as he seeks support for his war in Ukraine. During the visit, the two signed a new agreement to assist each other in the event of “aggression” against either country.

Putin said that within the agreement, Russia “does not exclude the development of military-technical cooperation with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.”

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said the deal was the “strongest ever treaty” made between the two.

The signed document says the two are “actively developing the many-sided partnership,” such as their “common line and stand at the [United Nations].” They will also seek closer cooperation in tourism, culture and education.

Full support: Putin praised North Korea for its support of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and said the countries would further strengthen their relations against Western sanctions. North Korea has provided Russia with over a million artillery shells and dozens of ballistic missiles since the start of the war.

North Korea promised to give Russia “full support” in the war.

Kings of the east: The Bible prophesies that Asian nations will unite under Russian rule, forming an alliance it calls “the kings of the east.” These Asian nations will form the largest army this world has ever seen and will play a defining role in world events.

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