Russia Forsakes UN, Aids North Korea

Russia is shipping oil directly to North Korea, violating sanctions by the United Nations, according to satellite imagery reported on March 26 by the Royal United Services Institute, a London think tank.

The details: In 2017, the UN Security Council imposed strict sanctions with Russian approval on oil shipments to North Korea in response to its illegal nuclear weapons tests. However, on March 7 Russia began defying the UN by breaking this ruling.

Some of the ships are UN-designated, meaning they are forbidden not only for use in oil deliveries but also from entering foreign ports.

The ships seen at Russian ports are some of the largest in North Korea’s fleet, indicating heavy loads.

This oil seems to be payment for weapons North Korea has sent to Russia to help in its war against Ukraine.

Asian axis: The Bible prophesies that, in modern times, Asian nations would break away from the West and unite under Russian rule. This latest development shows more groundwork being laid for that outcome.

This Asian axis will become the largest military alliance this world has ever seen. Bible prophecy warns that it will eventually kill one third of mankind.

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