North Korean Military Aid for Russia Soars

North Korea has sent over 1 million artillery shells to support Russia’s war against Ukraine since August, South Korea’s main spy agency reported November 1. Russia manufactures the most artillery shells per month of any nation in the world. North Korea’s shells add to Moscow’s already unequaled numbers.

In addition to these imported shells, Russia is working to manufacture more advanced weapons. These developments may help Russia break through the war’s gridlock.

An Asian axis: North Korea’s assistance to Russia is the latest evidence showing that an axis of Asian countries is forming with Russia and China at the helm.

On the topic of upcoming military exercises likely to be held between Russia, China and North Korea, analyst Matt Bradley wrote:

If these exercises do go through, and if they plant the seed for closer relations among Russia, China and North Korea, that could cement a new kind of alliance or axis that’s opposed to the West and possibly in favor of expansionist military adventures like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and, even more troubling, potentially Beijing’s ambitions to take over Taiwan and those islands that are contested in the Western Pacific. So a new axis of cooperation like that between these three countries would make it much harder for the international community to isolate nations that violate international legal norms—to punish and to sanction—because these nations would have friends.

This current trend of Asian military cooperation is prophesied in your Bible. Many books in the Bible talk about a coming world war and its major players—including “the kings of the east,” led by Gog and Magog, understood by biblical scholars to be modern Russia and China (Revelation 16:12).

Russia’s war on Ukraine is just one of several factors that are drawing Asian nations closer together. Bible prophecy shows that ties between these countries will continue to strengthen, creating the most powerful military alliance this world has ever seen.

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