Biden to Europe: Allow Iran’s Drive for Nuclear Weapons

The Biden administration is pressuring European allies to abandon a plan to condemn Iran’s recent nuclear advances, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday. Europe plans to condemn Iran at a meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency (iaea) Board of Governors in early June.

  • The plan to rebuke Iran through a censure vote was brought forward by Britain and France.
  • The United States will abstain from the vote, according to diplomats the Journal cites.
  • U.S. officials denied these claims.

Iran: This story came the same day that the iaea reported a major development in Iran’s nuclear program.

As of May 11, Iran has:

  • 313.2 pounds of 60 percent highly enriched uranium (45.4 pounds more than its last report from February)
  • 13,671.5 pounds of uranium overall, an increase of 1,489.8 pounds

Iran needs only to further enrich about 92.5 pounds of 60 percent highly enriched uranium to 90 percent-enriched to create an atomic weapon. The amount of 60 percent-enriched uranium Iran currently has could be used to produce three nuclear weapons.

The West: U.S. officials support the easing of pressure due to the recent death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi. The Biden administration says it wants to maintain relations with Iran in the lead-up to Iran’s June elections, thinking Iran is more volatile in its current state.

Biden is likely also working to avoid tension in order to increase his chances of reelection in November, but a U.S. official denied this claim.

European leaders are frustrated by America’s protests. Many European governments fear the U.S. doesn’t have a legitimate plan to stay Iran’s hand. They believe pacifism in this area could undermine the iaea’s authority and weaken Western pressure on Iran.

Big picture: America’s current administration is turning on traditional allies and siding with Iran’s terror regime. This turn will help motivate European unification. It is also a major betrayal of Israel in the Middle East.

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