Ron DeSantis Drops Out of Presidential Race

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis suspended his presidential campaign on Sunday, leaving former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley as the only remaining alternative to Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination. However, things look grim for Haley.

Now following our second-place finish in Iowa, we have prayed and deliberated on the way forward. If there was anything I could do to produce a favorable outcome—more campaign stops, more interviews—I would do it. But I can’t ask our supporters to volunteer their time and donate their resources if we don’t have a clear path to victory. Accordingly, I am today suspending my campaign.
—Ron DeSantis

DeSantis’s campaign suspension comes less than a week after he beat Haley by a close two-point margin in the Iowa Republican Caucus but came 30 percentage points behind Trump.

It also comes just two days before the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, where Haley will now be left to challenge Trump alone.

Endorsement: After pulling out of the race, DeSantis gave his endorsement to President Trump, and his supporters will likely do the same.

It’s clear to me that a majority of Republican primary voters want to give Donald Trump another chance. They watched his presidency get stymied by relentless resistance and they see Democrats using lawfare to this day to attack him. While I have had disagreements with Donald Trump, such as on the coronavirus pandemic and his elevation of Anthony Fauci, Trump is superior to the current incumbent, Joe Biden. That is clear. I signed a pledge to support the Republican nominee and I will honor that pledge.
—Ron DeSantis

A University of New Hampshire-CNN poll from Sunday showed that 62 percent of DeSantis’s supporters chose Trump as their second choice for the gop 2024 presidential candidate, while only 30 percent chose Haley.

“DeSantis dropping out virtually eliminates any chance Haley has at keeping Trump under 50 percent,” Mike Dennehy, a New Hampshire gop strategist, said. “There’s a chance now that Trump could get 60 percent of the vote in New Hampshire.”

Trump’s comeback: Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry has long foretold that Donald Trump will return to office as president of the United States.

The devil has successfully used the radical left to attack America, the superpower of end-time Israel. But God intervened and stopped him—temporarily—by the hand of President Trump. That has enraged them all the more. They have committed several treasonous acts trying to ruin President Trump—ceaseless condemnation, spying, a groundless three-year criminal investigation, impeachment. These attacks were all based on grotesque lies—and they know it and don’t care! That is diabolical evil!

God sent President Trump specifically to deal with that evil and to save Israel temporarily. That work is not complete. So this too shows he is coming back.
—Gerald Flurry, “Why I Still Believe Donald Trump Is Coming Back.”