Biden Administration Partially Reverses Decision to Remove Houthis From Terrorist List

The Biden administration designated the Iran-backed Houthis as a “specially designated global terrorist group” (sdgt) on Wednesday, partially reversing a decision from 2021 to remove the group from the foreign terrorist organization list.

The decision tries to impede terrorist funding to the Houthis for its recent attacks on Red Sea shipping; however, it does not impose the restrictions the group would receive if it were redesignated as a foreign terrorist organization (fto).

Possible reevaluation: “If the Houthis cease their attacks in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, the United States will immediately reevaluate this designation,” White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said in a statement.

Yemen is in a deep humanitarian crisis mainly due to a war that was sparked when Houthi insurgents tried to overthrow the government in 2014. The Biden administration refrained from labeling the Houthis as an fto, stressing that it did not want restrictions on the Houthis to affect humanitarian aid going to struggling Yemenis.

Sullivan acknowledged that the Houthi attacks “fit the textbook definition of terrorism,” and said designating the group as an sdgt is enough to “hold them accountable for their actions.”

sdgt vs. fto: As a specially designated global terrorist group, members and certain entities of the Houthi organization may have assets frozen, and the group’s access to financial markets will be restricted.

If the Houthis were labeled as a foreign terrorist organization, it would be illegal for American banks and institutions to send any kind of material support or resources to the group, and members of the group would be barred entry into the United States. The sanctions would not affect humanitarian aid to Yemen.

President Donald Trump designated the Houthis as an fto in January 2021, but less than a month later, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken revoked the decision citing concerns that the sanctions could disrupt the supply of food, fuel and other commodities to Yemen.

Weakness: The Biden administration says it fears worsening the humanitarian crisis that the Houthi rebels helped cause. At best, the administration is afraid to confront Iran. But for the last three years, it has been actively helping the nation.

Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry warns that this weakness in government is destroying our nation:

God says He has broken the pride of our power (Leviticus 26:19). Many examples confirm that this is true today. Although America has tremendous power, we fear to use it. America has receded into the background and is declining rapidly.

Being weak causes violence and wars! The fact that America is withdrawing from the world stage will only allow evils to increase. As we get weaker, people will attack us more and more violently.

To understand why and how America has become so weak, read America Under Attack.