Is Germany About to Rise or Fall?


Is Germany About to Rise or Fall?

Incompetence in the government, record refugee influxes, large-scale protests: Most looking at Germany today don’t see a rising superpower. They see a nation caught between political divides, progressive politics and reluctant citizens. Yet the Trumpet looks at Germany differently.

As I write, Germany is witnessing the largest protests of farmers in recent history. Streets are blocked and the government is being pressured to reverse its progressive policies. The protests have come in response to the government’s difficulty balancing its 2024 budget after it unlawfully tried to redirect a pandemic emergency fund to its climate agenda. To fix the error, the liberal government sought to cut subsidies and end tax breaks for farmers. But farmers saw that as a declaration of war.

Simultaneously, Germany is witnessing the greatest influx of refugees since 2015, according to an internal report by the Federal Police seen by Welt. Millions of Germans believe that their country has been overrun by strangers and that their government is working against its own citizens. As a result, people are turning to the far-right Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), which promises to end Germany’s self-destruction. The AfD has broken personal records in the polls, becoming the second-strongest party in Germany. Yet all of the established parties have vowed to never enter a coalition with it.

A divided political system shows that Germans themselves are caught between opinions.

At the same time, new parties are forming. Left-wing politician Sarah Wagenknecht announced the formation of her own party last year. Then Hans-Georg Maassen, former domestic intelligence chief, broke with the conservative Christian Democratic Union.

On top of the internal crises, external threats are boiling over. Russia’s war against Ukraine is nearing its two-year anniversary and terrorists in the Middle East are threatening crucial trade routes. Global crises are causing Germany’s economy to tremble.

Its dream of a united Europe also appears to be crumbling. Britain left the European Union in 2016, and others are toying with the idea.

Germany’s military security is also increasingly threatened as the United States becomes increasingly internally focused.

Many of our readers point to the reality at hand and question the Trumpet’s forecast of Germany’s rise. But a look at history shows that this volatile situation can quickly change. Prior to Germany’s sudden rise to power in World War ii, it experienced similar political and economic dysfunction. All it took for Germany to rise to become a military power was radical new leadership.

This is not the first time that the apparent facts on the ground appeared to contradict our forecast.

The Trumpet follows the Bible-based forecast of the late Herbert W. Armstrong who prophesied of Germany’s rise while the country lay in ruins after World War ii. Since Mr. Armstrong made that forecast, Germany has seen an incredible recovery, an economic miracle and reunification. Furthermore, Mr. Armstrong foretold, based on a prophecy in Daniel 2 and Revelation 17, that Germany would rise to dominate a European conglomerate—and that Britain would not be part of it! In his World Tomorrow radio broadcast, he said:

And we know which is the one and the only nation in Europe that is capable of dominating, and which is the economic and the industrial heart of all Europe without which there could be no stability and strength. A human body cannot live without its heart, and the economic and the military body that is to rise up and to restore the Roman Empire, the thing that we least suspect here in the United States, it cannot rise up without its heart. And its heart is in Germany.

Mr. Armstrong made that forecast while Germany was yet divided. People scoffed at his warning, but he was right.

While we do not know all the details of Germany’s rise and how great the crises will get before Germany suddenly emerges to power, it is certain that the Bible’s prophesies will be fulfilled. God Himself will ensure it despite all apparent odds and opposition.

God prophesied He would raise up Germany, biblical Assyria, to do His will (Isaiah 10:5). A parallel prophecy in Revelation 17:17 reads: “For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.”

God has a plan for modern Germany, and it revolves around correcting the modern descendants of Israel, primarily Britain, the U.S. and the Jewish people. To do this, He will use a “king of fierce countenance” (Daniel 8:23). God wants these nations to repent, and He will use Germany for this purpose. To believe these prophecies takes more than an understanding of current events; it takes faith in God’s Word.

To understand the Bible’s forecast and how we can already see it being fulfilled, watch Mr. Flurry’s recent Key of DavidGermany’s Secret Rise to Power.”