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Germany’s Secret Rise to Power

Trouble is brewing in Europe. A multinational beast power is rising, led by Germany. And Germany has a secret plan to win the next world war.

“The war is over in Europe. Or is it? We need to wake up and realize that right now is the most dangerous moment in United States national history, instead of assuming we now have peace.” Herbert W. Armstrong issued this strong warning in a radio broadcast from the inaugural session of the United Nations on May 9, 1945. He was alert to Germany’s plan to rise from the ashes of World War ii.

At the very start of the war, the Germans realized that they could lose. They prepared for this possibility, which they had already experienced in World War i, and looked ahead to World War iii. They plotted to go underground until Round 3. What an evil system!

Mr. Armstrong knew about this German scheme because he understood Bible prophecy. He wrote in a Dec. 27, 1981, co-worker letter:

What the world does not realize is that, under cover, secret planning is proceeding furiously, uncovered by the news media, unknown by the public. But suddenly, unexpectedly, as biblical prophecy reveals, the whole world will be startled and shocked into wonder, to learn that a new third super world power has suddenly burst forth onto the world scene—a resurrection of the medieval Holy Roman Empire ….”

History proves that he was right. Here’s what I wrote in Germany’s Conquest of the Balkans:

In 1996, a shocking World War ii intelligence document was made public. The document, detailing an August 1944 meeting between top German industrialists, reveals a secret postwar plan to restore the Nazis to power. Several of Germany’s elite industries were represented, including Messerschmitt and Volkswagenwerk. These companies, the document asserts, were to “prepare themselves to finance the Nazi Party which would be forced to go underground.”

These are well-known, strong corporations in Germany today! Their plan is not normal.

When this shocking document was declassified, the sleepy media paid almost no attention to it. And the U.S. government took over 50 years to release it!

The Germans are a great people in many ways, but they must break away from this evil system. They have been overwhelmed by the Holy Roman Empire.

Regarding the Nazi postwar plan to go underground, Elan Steinberg of the World Jewish Congress said: “The central question is whether it has been carried out.” We should care about the answer to this question!

In his book A Watcher on the Rhine, Brian Connell offered abundant proof of that plan being carried out. He pointed to a watershed event in 1947, when Allied authorities entrusted the denazification of Germany to the Germans. He called the whole process a farce! After World War ii, many key figures in the German province of Bavaria were the same as the ones before and during the war: 60 percent of the Ministry of Education, 60 percent of the Finance Ministry, 81 percent of the Ministry of Justice.

Today, America has what appears to be a friendship with Germany. We have entrusted them with nuclear bombs and sold them jets to carry those bombs! We ought to remember their recent past. It is almost routine for Germany to go to war. They were starting wars long before the world wars. That’s just their history.

The name of the German people anciently was Assyria. God says He will use Germany to correct the nations of Israel—primarily America, Britain and the Jews—if we don’t repent (Isaiah 10:6). “[I]t is in his heart to destroy and cut off nations not a few” (verse 7). When part of the Holy Roman Empire, Germany has always pursued the goal of ruling the world!

Near the end of the war, our leaders were aware of the German threat. Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt issued a joint statement in February 1945, declaring: “It is our inflexible purpose to destroy German militarism and Nazism ….” Clearly, our nations have not followed through with this commitment.

First Victim of World War III

Germany has already conquered the Balkans, using American power to do so! In the 1990s, Germany recognized Slovenia and Croatia as independent breakaway states from Yugoslavia, even though the whole world opposed it, and civil war ensued. America betrayed Serbia, its World War ii ally, to help Croatia and Slovenia.

The New York Times wrote on Dec. 8, 1991:

Germany has long historical ties, both glorious and shameful, to Slovenia and Croatia. Slovenia was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and many people there still identify with the German-speaking world. There has also been German influence in Croatia, and during World War ii Croatia was ruled by a pro-Nazi regime.

The Croatian president at the time wouldn’t even disavow this history. That article said Germany has “stirred troubling historical associations.” But who is really troubled by Germany’s conquest of the Balkans today? Instead of Germany being dependent on the rest of Europe after World War ii, the entire Continent allowed Germany to take the lead.

The former Yugoslavia is part of the Balkan Peninsula, along with Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece and western Turkey. By fracturing it, Germany has domineered the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas, gained access to the resources of northern Africa, and seized Cyprus. Germany is marching! Much of Germany’s rise has been secret, but now it is out in the open!

Once the Balkans fell, the U.S. and nato withdrew, leaving the territory to Germany primarily. Yugoslavia was the first military victim of World War iii!

Rising From the Underground

Is Germany really our friend? An end-time prophecy in Jeremiah 4 says, “[T]hy lovers will despise thee, they will seek thy life” (verse 30).

Ezekiel 23 warns specifically against trusting Germany. We certainly shouldn’t give our nuclear bombs to them! “And they shall recompense your lewdness upon you, and ye shall bear the sins of your idols: and ye shall know that I am the Lord God” (verse 49).

God will get our attention! This will require some suffering for those who don’t repent and turn to God today, but the end result is positive.

All of this is leading to the return of Jesus Christ. “The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder … when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is” (Revelation 17:8).

The bottomless pit, or abyss, is the underground. Just like Mr. Armstrong predicted, Germany went underground after World War ii.

Now, Germany is back. It is close to ruling the Middle East. Soon, it will destroy Iran and its allies. More trouble is coming.

“The European Union was only a cloak for German ambition,” British economist Bernard Connolly writes in The Rotten Heart of Europe. This is the Holy Roman Empire! It has risen on the world scene six times already. The seventh and final resurrection of this beast power is unfolding before our eyes! It will clash with Jesus Christ Himself!

Watch for the European Union to be pared down from 27 member nations to 10 “kings.” We have foretold this very thing for over 75 years because the Bible guarantees it.

Mr. Armstrong warned about the Holy Roman Empire during its sixth resurrection (verse 10). The seventh is 98 percent here already! Germany has risen and become a powerhouse!

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