SpaceX Helps German Military Race to Space

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, which was used to launch German Armed Forces two SARah satellites on December 24, 2023.
Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

SpaceX Helps German Military Race to Space

An American company is enabling Germany’s weaponization of space. On December 24, SpaceX helped the German Armed Forces launch two sarah satellites into space, joining a previous one launched in June 2022. These satellites observe wars and crises around the world and help secure other German satellites. The satellites are allegedly also equipped to defend themselves against attacks.

sarah stands for Satellite-based Radar Reconnaissance System. Maj. Gen. Michael Traut explained: “[The new satellites] observe the Earth not just with a camera but with radar—so they can also take pictures at night and see through clouds. This is very important for the Bundeswehr because it allows us to observe militarily relevant events on the Earth’s surface much better.”

In addition to the two launched on December 24, the Bundeswehr has six satellites in low earth orbit and two satellites in geostationary orbit “to cover our areas of interest in Europe and the Middle East,” Traut noted.

The Federal Intelligence Service is in the process of acquiring its own satellites to be independent from the United States and other partners. In the meantime, it uses the Bundeswehr’s satellites and civilian-operated ones. Germany has 70 to 80 satellites in space.

Weaponizing Space

China has already weaponized space by proving its ability to take other satellites out. “Beijing presents this as a measure against space debris, but theoretically it can also be done with active satellites from other countries,” Traut told Tagesspiegel on December 18. “There are now also satellites that can siphon off other people’s data or render it unusable.”

“Anyone who wants to use their satellites against us must expect us to react defensively,” he noted. Such a defensive measure could mean hacking the opposing satellite and causing its owner to lose track of the satellite. “We can make sure,” Traut explained, “that he doesn’t get a certain photo that he would like by warning our forces in advance, camouflaging ourselves, or tricking the enemy satellite.”

Tagesspiegel highlighted the purposeful vagueness of Traut’s response; German military secrets are well kept and will not be revealed in an interview. But the few things we do know show that Germany is considering war in space.

It also seeks to increase its secrecy. Lt. Col. Thomas Blätte from the German Armed Forces Space Command described how Germany’s space program could help its military. He said space missions could help the military hide “when Russian satellites are likely to fly over.”

Its new satellites give Germany the ability to conceal its military operations on Earth and take new military capabilities into space. Of course, if China’s defensive measure can be used offensively so can Germany’s. And like China, the European Space Agency, of which Germany is a part, is also working on the ability to remove “space debris.”

America Beware

Germany is part of nato, which recently installed a military space program at the Ramstein Air Base in Germany. When proposing the space center in 2020, nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said: “Some nations—including Russia and China—are developing systems which could blind, disable or shoot down satellites. Space is essential for our ability to navigate, communicate and detect missile launches, and fast, effective and secure satellite communications are vital for our troops.”

Indeed, there is a great threat to the United States in space. Certainly, they wouldn’t want a Russia spy to infiltrate this space command. But isn’t it ironic that America trusts Germany, its enemy in two world wars, to house and help man this crucial operation?

It’s especially concerning when you consider that the European Union has established its own global navigation satellite system: Galileo. So if U.S. satellites were taken out, German military operations could continue. The EU is also gaining the ability to take out other satellites, hack into opposing systems, and further advance their capabilities with artificial intelligence.

It’s hard to find anyone warning about Europe’s, and specifically Germany’s, activities in space. But this shouldn’t be surprising: Prior to World War ii, the one watchman who did warn about Nazi Germany was ridiculed. Let’s consider Winston Churchill’s warning and see if it applies today.

Referring to Germany’s growing airpower in 1934, he said, “So far, I have dealt with what I believe is the known, but beyond the known there is also the unknown. … As to that, all I would say is, ‘Beware!’ Germany is a country fertile in military surprises.”

Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry echoes this warning in his booklet Winston S. Churchill: The Watchman. What’s more, he shows that Bible prophecy warns of another surprise attack executed by Germany. Scriptures in Daniel 8 warn of an end-time leader who will come to power, promise peace, but suddenly destroy. Our world should beware: Secrecy and innovation are at the heart and core of such surprise attacks.

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