U.S. Troops Injured in Iran-Backed Strikes

Iran-backed militias have intensified their attacks on United States troops stationed in Iraq and Syria since the beginning of the Israel-Hamas War, according to U.S. Central Command.

Pentagon leaders have confirmed that two dozen American troops have been injured since October 18 in one-way drone and rocket attacks launched by militia groups with deep ties to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. American leaders fear these groups may intend to spark wider conflict in the Middle East.

Power vacuum: Since the Biden administration’s evacuation from Afghanistan, Iran-backed groups have been emboldened to continue pushing at U.S. troops. They want America to completely abandon the Middle East, leaving the region open for Iranian hegemony.

Iran already dominates large swaths of Iraq and Syria, so Iranian mullahs hope that Hamas’s assault on Israel will expand their influence.

Rising tensions: Bible prophecy indicates that these militias will be largely successful in their attempts to push America out of the region. Hosea 5:13 foretells of a time when the Jews reach out to Assyria (an end-time title for Germany) for aid, but Manasseh (end-time America) is not even mentioned. This indicates that America is no longer present in the region when this prophecy is ultimately fulfilled.

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