Russia and India Expand Maritime Cooperation

India and Russia want to make it quicker and cheaper to transport goods to each other overseas—even going through the Arctic Ocean to do so.

The Indian government announced plans on September 13 to develop the Northern Sea Route (nsr) and Eastern Maritime Corridor (emc) to boost trade with Russia. The emc takes ships east from India, past China and then north to Vladivostok, on Russia’s Pacific Coast. The nsr extends this even further, passing into the Arctic and sailing over the top of Russia.

India is already responsible for 35 percent of the cargo traveling through Murmansk, one of Russia’s main northern ports, past the Arctic Circle and close to Finland.

A larger trend: While the West is actively reducing ties with Russia as a result of the Russo-Ukraine War, India maintains its relationship with Russia—not only economically but also diplomatically and militarily. This backing is a major boon to Russia during a difficult time.

Prophecy says: Russia-India ties will grow stronger. Revelation 16:12 warns of “the kings of the east,” a massive Asian power bloc—including India and China—that will ally in the end time and form a combined army of 200 million troops (Revelation 9:16). Ezekiel 38 prophesies that Russia will lead this alliance.

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