Indian Companies Filling Niches in Russia Left by Western Departure

Indian manufacturing companies are “actively starting to enter” Russia’s market to fill the void left by the Western exodus, a spokesman for Russia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry in India said on June 15.

Many Indian partners are interested in production and supply of equipment such as bearings, drilling rigs and drilling tools. … And this is a niche that has now been vacated after the departure of a number of companies. And since we have a highly developed mining industry, there is a great prospect here.
—Igor Piasetskii, honorary representative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation in India

Piasetskii said more and more Russian businessmen have been traveling to India to find new areas where Indian firms can fill the void left by Western companies.

Surging trade: These initiatives come at a time of surging trade between Russia and India, with overall volume hitting a record $35 billion for the last 12 months. The increase resulted mainly from unprecedented quantities of Russian crude flowing into India. With Indian manufacturers now rushing to enter the Russian marketplace, total trade is set to further soar.

Military matters: Meanwhile, despite ardent objections from Washington, India bought Russia’s vaunted S-400 air defense system. The $5 billion purchase consists of five units, with the final delivery set to occur later this year. Pravin Sawhney, editor of India-based magazine Force, noted that the S-400 will become a critical component of the Indian military.

Russia and India have been partners since the Soviet era. But with India supporting Russia in key ways while the West seeks to economically isolate Russia as punishment for its war on Ukraine, that partnership is hitting unprecedented depth and importance.

Prophecy says: Passages in the books of Daniel, Jeremiah and Revelation describe a mighty multinational Asian force that will form in the years ahead. Ezekiel 38:1-2 show that Russia will be the lead nation of this massive alliance. Verse 5 says the force will include “Ethiopia and Libya.” In this verse, these two names would more accurately be translated “Cush and Phut,” as translations such as Young’s Literal Translation correctly render them. Historical records show that while some branches of the peoples of Cush and Phut migrated to Africa, the rest settled in India. The context of this passage shows that it refers not to African peoples but mainly to modern-day Indians.

With India now drawing close to Russia across a wide range of areas, the conditions are being created for India to take its place among “the kings of the east.” To understand more about India and the end-time Asian military alliance that is already in the early stages of forming, order your free copy of Russia and China in Prophecy.