Does Israel Have an Anti-Bibi Puppet Master?

People holding banners and Israeli flags stage a demonstration against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the government’s judicial reform, in Tel Aviv, September 17.
Mostafa Alkharouf/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Does Israel Have an Anti-Bibi Puppet Master?

Who is pulling the strings to pull down Benjamin Netanyahu?

Israel is going through a rolling coup. Leftists claim to be outraged at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s attempts to reform the judiciary. In response, they’ve threatened to shut down the country and its defense. Tens if not hundreds of thousands of Israelis took to the streets in the name of “defending democracy.” Thousands of military reservists have refused to show up for duty.

But strong evidence emerged over the summer that this is not a spontaneous reaction to a government decision. It is a well-orchestrated, preplanned coup attempt.

In 2020, long before judicial reform was an issue, former Prime Minister Ehud Barak met with a group of military reservists to plan a way to oust Netanyahu and install Barak in his place.

There was only one way to make such an outrageous plot work, he explained. It had to be presented as a defense of democracy, rather than what it really was—an attempt to overthrow it. “Democracy is a better dividing line,” he said. “Support for democracy penetrates deep into the right as well.”

They would push people both from the left and right onto the streets. They wanted violent clashes. “[E]very collision only strengthens them [the protesters] more,” he said. “As much as there is a clash with the police, it will intensify.”

They even anticipated dead bodies. “I have a friend who is a historian and who once told me: ‘Ehud, they will call on you [to lead] when dead bodies float in the Yarkon River,’” Barak said. “But I wish to emphasize that the bodies will not be those of workers who infiltrated from the ‘territories,’ nor those of Israeli Arabs. The bodies that float will be those of Jews killed by Jews.”

“You really do have to rub your eyes at this,” wrote Melanie Phillips. “Here was a man who formerly served as prime minster, head of military intelligence and chief of the [Israel Defense Forces] general staff urging a mass insurrection and civil war that he believed would result in Jews killing Jews—because this would bring him to power.”

This was just one of several meetings. Put them together and a clear picture emerges. Caroline Glick wrote that “the protests were a preconceived program to paralyze and destabilize the government with the plan to overthrow it. The anti-judicial reform banner was attached to the protests because it was the new government’s first major initiative.”

Barak has a history of funding anti-Netanyahu groups. In 2020, Israeli media revealed he was funding activist Shikma Bressler’s “Black Flags” protest group. (Bressler is one of the prominent activists leading the anti-Netanyahu protests today.) Right-wing activist Barele Crombly claimed earlier this year that “Ehud Barak is funding the [current] protest with millions if not tens of millions of shekels.”

“So Barak now just happens to be a leader of an uprising that fits every detail of the plan that he set out three years ago to mount a coup by misleading the Israeli public and enlisting them as useful idiots,” wrote Phillips. “Are we really supposed to believe this is just an astonishing coincidence?”

The parallels with the United States are striking. Between the gutted economy, the nonexistent southern border, the Stalinesque political purges, the empowering of America’s adversaries, and almost everything else the U.S. government is doing, it is clear the government is using every tool it has to attack the country. Joe Biden’s apparent cognitive decline also shows the man in the White House is not the man running the country. It suggests a shadow government led by one hidden figure is actually running the show. And that shadow government is prepared to push the country into civil war to get what it wants.

There is a profound connection between Israel, Britain and the U.S. Israel is descended from ancient Israel in the Bible—that is common knowledge. But it is only from the tribe of Judah. As Herbert W. Armstrong’s book The United States and Britain in Prophecy shows, Britain and the U.S. also descended from ancient Israel. These nations have shared roots and a shared future. God is using them for a special purpose.

All three have received blessings from God—and all three are being corrected by God. Hosea 5:5, a prophecy for today, tells us these powers will fall together: “And the pride of Israel doth testify to his face: therefore shall Israel and Ephraim fall in their iniquity; Judah also shall fall with them.”

Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote in the September 2022 Trumpet:

God also says these three countries are afflicted with similar problems.

“Therefore will I be unto Ephraim as a moth, and to the house of Judah as rottenness” (verse 12). The word rottenness means like a worm or like maggots infesting open wounds. Spiritually, there is something very rotten about these three nations that they need to see, and it goes right to the bones—it’s that deep. Americans, Britons and Jews have rejected God and His law and lived contrary to Him. Our nations are sick!

All three are deeply divided along ideological lines. This chasm is at the heart of the political upheaval in these three countries.

The politics in all three countries are rotten. The same anti-democratic spirit at work in America is busy in Judah.

Glick traced an even more direct and specific link. She drew attention to the “centrality of Ehud Barak in everything that has happened.” Through him, she connects the events directly to the Biden administration and officials behind him.

In the U.S., the radical left took over the intelligence agencies and weaponized them against Donald Trump and his supporters. Israeli cybertechnology firms sell their services all over the world, helping governments hack devices and access private messages. During the Israel’s left-wing Bennett-Lapid-Gantz administration, the U.S. “deep state” took over the industry.

“The Defense Ministry has already frozen most of the export licenses and the Americans have simply decided to shut down our offensive cyberindustry and transfer it to them,” said Channel 13’s military correspondent Alon Ben David. Paragon was one Israeli company that, according Glick, was key to the U.S. takeover. Barak is on Paragon’s board of directors.

“It is impossible to know whether Barak’s ties with senior U.S. officials are related to his multiyear efforts to oust Netanyahu from power,” wrote Glick. “But from this week’s revelations we learned that Barak’s associates organized the continuous campaign to destabilize and paralyze the Netanyahu government, and that they began their efforts before the government was formed. We also learned that Barak benefited personally from the U.S. move to seize Israel’s cybertechnology industry.”

Barak was also caught up in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, meeting with the disgraced banker 30 times from 2013 to 2017. At least one of Epstein’s victims has implicated Barak.

There is a strong spiritual tie between the efforts to overthrow democracy in the U.S. and in Israel, and there may be a physical one in Barak.

It’s no secret the current U.S. regime does not like Netanyahu. It is openly colluding with Netanyahu’s political rivals. It gives financial support to anti-Netanyahu groups. It goes out of its way to empower Israel’s archrival, Iran. One way or another, the administration of Joe Biden—really Barack Obama’s third term—wants Netanyahu out.

The United States “is committing suicide at the hands of certain powerful people in government and in society,” writes Mr. Flurry in America Under Attack. “They are actively, intentionally sabotaging this special nation from the inside.”

The same trends are underway inside Israel in the Middle East. In both cases, America’s deep state has fomented division, opposed a democratically elected president, and gained control of key parts of the intelligence community. Our free book America Under Attack exposes this attack. America, currently the most powerful of the nations descended from Israel, plays a unique role. But much of it applies to Judah too. You can read it online or order a free copy. It is essential to understanding Israel’s rolling coup.