Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Campaign Continues Paying Chinese Foreign Agent

Even though Communist China is widely regarded as America’s most powerful foreign adversary, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is giving campaign funds to a Chinese agent.

According to filings reviewed last month by Fox News Digital show, Cortez’s campaign has paid more than $5,400 to Sing Tao Newspapers for advertisements. Sing Tao Newspapers is a subsidiary of the Hong Kong-based Sing Tao News Corporation Ltd., so the United States government requires it to register as a Chinese foreign agent. Sing Tao publishes Chinese language content in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles; it promotes pro-Chinese and pro-Communist politicians.

Influence campaign: China is now the top spender on foreign influence operations in the United States. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Chinese agents spent $64 million in 2020. This money is meant to influence a new generation of world leaders in a more pro-China direction. In addition to teaching about Confucianism and communism, Chinese newspapers teach oncoming generations of American leaders to take a more accommodating position concerning China’s history of human rights abuses. If China is successful in this influence campaign, it will be a great step toward its goal of dominating Tibet, Taiwan and all of Asia.

Communist infiltration: During the Cold War, Soviet spy Yuri Bezmenov revealed that the kgb considered subverting nations so important that it allocated most of its resources to it. “Only about 15 percent of time, money and manpower are spent on espionage as such,” he explained. “The other 85 percent is a slow process, which we call either ideological subversion or ‘active measures.’”

The Soviet Union has now fallen, but Communist China has taken its place as the primary foreign driver of “active measures” against America.

Prophesied collapse: In a 1949 Plain Truth article, “The Plain Truth About Communism,” Herbert W. Armstrong specified that communism is an evil tool to blot out America’s blessings. Hosea 7:8-9 predict that the descendants of ancient Israel (America and Britain) would mix themselves with foreigners and their foreign ideologies. The far-left ideas put forward by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Democratic Party are not based on traditional American values, which partly come from the Bible. They were brought from Chinese and Russian universities. These anti-Bible ideologies are subversively devouring America’s strength.

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