German Troops in Australia

As Communist China rises to power in the Indo-Pacific region, 240 German troops have arrived in Australia for transnational military drills. From July 22 to August 4, these German soldiers will take part in the Talisman Sabre exercise, a set of military drills involving more than 30,000 soldiers from 12 different nations. They will be training Australian, American, British, Indonesian and Japanese counterparts to fend off a potential future Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

Resurgent Germany: Less than 1 percent of the troops involved in the Talisman Sabre exercise are German troops. But this German deployment is still significant because mobilizing German troops overseas has been frowned upon since the Second World War.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, North Atlantic Treaty Organization nations have been calling on the German military to play a bigger role on the world scene. Thirteen German warplanes participated in joint multinational exercises in Australia last year to tackle a potential Chinese incursion. Germany is active in defending the world from rising Chinese aggression.

Double cross: Anglo-Australian trust in Germany is misplaced, however, as the German public is divided over whether they should ally with America against Russia and China, or with Russia and China against America.

In 1949, when Germany still lay in rubble, the late Herbert W. Armstrong wrote that “while trusting, gullible Uncle Sam, always unable to see more than one enemy at a time, has been busy worrying about Russia, the real menace has been making diabolical and rapid headway—under cover—in Europe!” Mr. Armstrong knew this because Bible prophecies in Isaiah 10, Ezekiel 23 and Hosea 5 show that end-time Israel (America and Britain) will be betrayed by end-time Assyria (the German-led Holy Roman Empire).

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