U.S. Celebrates Germany’s Defense Minister

During his visit to the United States Capitol on June 28, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius was showered with praise. U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin noted Germany’s commitment to Ukraine and to Europe’s security in general.

It is said almost euphorically that Austin appreciates Pistorius, that he is a “[straightforward] guy” who doesn’t take long to speak plainly. Such praise, for a German of all people, has not been heard in the Pentagon for a long time. After years of criticism that Berlin was too hesitant and passive, the tone is now much more conciliatory.
—Spiegel Online

Specifically, Germany has been praised for offering to station 4,000 soldiers in Lithuania, for leading Air Defender 2023 this June—nato’s largest air force exercises ever—and for its support of Ukraine.

As Russia continues to direct this war of choice, I appreciate everything that Germany has done to strengthen Ukraine’s capability. Your security assistance and training contributions for Ukraine’s defenders have been invaluable, and we must keep pushing hard to help Ukraine succeed.
—Lloyd Austin

Ignoring reality: Prior to Pistorius’s inauguration, Germany was accused of working to undermine sanctions against Russia and Western support for Ukraine. While Pistorius was able to change Germany’s reputation abroad, nothing has actually changed.

  • In January, Pistorius denied that Germany was blocking the shipment of Leopard main battle tanks to Ukraine—days after it gave in to pressure.
  • In May, Pistorius declined joining an alliance to help supply fighter jets to Ukraine.
  • German businesses continue to be accused of circumventing sanctions against Russia.

In “Germany’s Secret Deal With Russia—Exposed,” Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry explained that Germany is in fact siding with Russia against the United States. It is foolish for the U.S. to ignore these warning signs. As Germany builds up its military, the Trumpet warns of a biblically prophesied betrayal.