German Electronics for Russia’s War

Earlier this month, it was revealed that German exports to Russia’s immediate neighborhood have skyrocketed since the Ukraine invasion. Customs data analyzed by Germany’s Der Spiegel show weapons-grade electronics worth several million euros have allegedly been delivered from Germany to Russia via intermediaries, as Spiegel Online reported on May 19. German electronics appear to enable Russian drones and missiles.

After Putin allowed his troops to invade Ukraine, the West launched an extensive sanctions regime. The sale of electronic components to Russia is now completely banned. But the export bans are obviously being systematically circumvented.
—Spiegel Online

Stuttgart-based company Elix-st. is at the center of the recent investigation, as well as a company from Berlin and one from Hesse. The Kazakh middleman is a buyer that opened for business in March 2022 in the Kazakh capital of Astana—shortly after the West leveled its first sanctions against Russia. Spiegel noted that Customs officials should have known this and that Elix-st. has a sister company in Moscow with connections to the Russian foreign intelligence service, to the Sukhoi fighter aircraft group, and to several missile manufacturers.

Among the deliveries are microcontrollers. Similar chips have been found in downed Russian Orlan-10 reconnaissance drones, experts from London’s Royal United Services Institute noted. Elix-st. also supplied microchips to Kazakhstan for fast processing of signals—the kind that are also used in numerous Russian weapons systems.

Disguised: The shipments of the components are marked “for private use only,” so they have passed Customs easily. However, Russia is in dire need of such electronics and Kazakhstan is in a close alliance with the Russian war machine. According to Spiegel, the German authorities knew about these exports and should have been alarmed when Elix-st. ended deliveries to Russia and started delivering to Kazakhstan after the war broke out.

The packages from Stuttgart-Stammheim are part of the swelling, multibillion-dollar flow of sanctioned goods from the West to Russia’s neighboring countries. This involves more than just electronics and computer parts. Drones and machines, tools and lubricating oils, ball bearings and chemicals are also being shipped. In short, there is much of what the Kremlin needs to keep its economy and military machine running—and which should actually no longer reach it.
—Spiegel Online

Not a coincidence: The fact that the German state and its industrial complex keep allowing these and similar exports is not a coincidence (see “Rising From the German Underground,” by Gerald Flurry). Ezekiel 38 prophesies that Russia will be a leading power during the “latter years.” Ezekiel 27 shows that Russia’s strength is derived in part from an economic alliance with Germany.

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