A Militarily Muscular Germany Is Emerging

Twenty-five nations participated in the German-led air exercise.
Daniel Reinhardt/picture alliance via Getty Images

A Militarily Muscular Germany Is Emerging

Through joint exercises, military deployments and coordinated initiatives, Germany is rapidly growing to be the protector of Europe. We are seeing the start of a much more militarily muscular Germany.

Germany organized the largest multinational air defense exercise of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization from June 12 to June 23. On June 26, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius announced plans to permanently deploy 4,000 soldiers to Lithuania. At the same time, German military equipment is being used by Ukrainian forces and is stationed in other East European countries. Yet perhaps the most notable development is Germany’s recent advances in protecting Europe from missile attacks.

Last August, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said, “If we jointly develop an air defense system in Europe, it will not only be more efficient and cost-effective, it would also be a security gain for Europe as a whole, and an outstanding example of strengthening the European pillar within nato.” Scholz made this statement at Charles University in Prague six weeks before the formal announcement of the European Sky Shield Initiative. The location for his speech was likely no coincidence. Charles iv, after whom the university is named, followed the example of Charlemagne, who first united Europe.

While the Sky Shield Initiative currently has 17 European nations participating, major countries such as France, Spain and Italy have not yet joined the program. Germany is, however, investing large sums to make the cooperation irresistible. On June 15, the German Bundestag’s Budget Committee approved the initial payment of €560 million (us$607 million) for Israel’s Arrow 3 air defense system worth €4 billion (us$4.3 billion) and the procurement of six iris-t slm air defense system batteries for €950 million (us$1 billion).

Arrow 3 is the best missile defense system of the world. The system has proved its capabilities in Israel and is expected to be deployed in Germany in 2025, providing protection for Germany’s eastern neighbors as well. The system is capable of eliminating ballistic missiles and promises protection from ballistic nuclear strikes.

Compared to Arrow 3, iris-t slm air defense missile system has a much shorter range of 25 miles. It is specifically designed to intercept and neutralize aerial targets, including cruise missiles, aircraft, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles. After being used in Ukraine, the system can be even further improved.

Germany already possesses the United States’ Patriot air defense system, which it has recently stationed in Eastern Europe to protect partners against potential Russian aggression. Germany’s recent investments will greatly strengthen its ability to protect its neighbors.

Germany is investing in Europe’s protective umbrella. This is a yet another step in Germany asserting control over Europe, as explained in “A European Army Already Exists.” Once Germany’s position as Europe’s military powerhouse is secured, it will give the country additional leverage in its goal to unite Europe under its command.

The late Herbert W. Armstrong prophesied of Germany’s military rise after its defeat in World War ii. Mr. Armstrong based these predictions on prophecies found in Daniel 2 and 7 and Revelation 13 and 17. These scriptures describe a European power made up of 10 nations or groups of nations that would appear in this end time. As Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote in “Ten Kings of the New Holy Roman Empire Rising Now,” this empire, led by Germany, is on the rise. That makes Mr. Flurry’s article a must-read to understand where this trend is leading.