Macron: Europe Needs to Become a ‘Third Superpower’

China holds large-scale military exercises over Taiwan; Macron advocates for Europe to have a hands-off policy.

While French President Emmanuel Macron met with Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping last week, China was preparing for another round of military exercises around Taiwan. On his flight back on April 9, Macron was asked about Europe’s policy. In response, he criticized the United States’ attempts to discourage a Chinese invasion of Taiwan and noted that Europe has to focus on becoming an independent “third superpower.”

We should pay close attention to this rhetoric. France today may no longer be the world power it once was. But together with Germany it has the potential to lead a united Europe that is well connected globally. Asia and Europe together have more than enough power to strike a final blow to a U.S. that is already on its deathbed.

Macron was so keen to curry favor with Xi, he gave him a green light to invade Taiwan without European intervention. “Europeans cannot resolve the crisis in Ukraine; how can we credibly say on Taiwan, ‘Watch out, if you do something wrong we will be there’? If you really want to increase tensions that’s the way to do it,” he said.

“The paradox would be that, overcome with panic, we believe we are just America’s followers,” Macron said in the interview. “The question Europeans need to answer … is it in our interest to accelerate [a crisis] on Taiwan? No. The worse thing would be to think that we Europeans must become followers on this topic and take our cue from the U.S. agenda and a Chinese overreaction.”

Europe today is identified in Revelation 17 and 18 as Babylon, famous for its merchants. Isaiah 23 and Ezekiel 27 refer to this empire as the powerful trading center of Tyre. The Bible prophesies that a European economic behemoth will center world trade around itself. The Bible also reveals that Russia and China will be among its major allies and their alliance will successfully dethrone the U.S.

We are now seeing this economic powerhouse emerge. By playing both sides, Europe hopes to become the world’s new center of trade while the U.S. becomes increasingly isolated.