Joe Biden Asks Latin American Nations to Send Old Russian Weapons to Ukraine in Exchange for New U.S. Military Equipment

The fact that Joe Biden signed a $1.7 trillion government funding bill last December that includes $47 billion in additional aid to Ukraine is not stopping the United States from trying to get the Ukrainian military some old Russian-made weaponry. U.S. Southern Command chief Gen. Laura Richardson told the Atlantic Council on January 19 that the Biden administration has offered Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and six other Latin American countries U.S. military equipment in the future if they send old Russian and Soviet gear to Ukraine.

There is no official word yet as to whether any of these countries have agreed to the terms, but the offer is likely to be a strategic mistake for the U.S.

Arming enemies: Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru all have variations of the Russian Mi-17 transport helicopter requested by Ukraine last February, so convincing them to send such transport helicopters to Ukraine could really help the government in Kyiv. Yet sending U.S. military equipment to nations like Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela could empower an anti-U.S. power bloc in Latin America. When former U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton worked for the Trump administration, he called Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela the “Troika of Tyranny” and “a sordid cradle of communism in the Western Hemisphere.” Russia and China have been arming these nations against the United States, so any weapons Biden sends will likely be used against American interests.

Prophecy says: Some 2,700 years ago, God inspired the Prophet Isaiah to write about a vast trade bloc—“a mart of nations”—that would form against the United States in the end time (Isaiah 23:3). This bloc would be led by Tyre, Tarshish and Chittim—prophetic names for modern Europe and China. But to truly besiege the U.S., this bloc will need great power over the sea lanes south of the U.S. That means Europe and Asia will continue making inroads into Latin America, and any weapons Biden gives these nations will likely be used against Anglo-America.

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