Trudeau Doubles Down on Vaccines in 2023

More and more people are collapsing or dying suddenly across Canada. ctv reporter Jessica Robb appeared to have a stroke on live television; even though she was triple-vaccinated, the young reporter assures us it had nothing to do with the vaccine. In Saskatchewan, 18-year-old baseball player Theo Gibbs died suddenly in his sleep. This follows a Buffalo Bills football player suffering cardiac arrest on Monday Night Football. Shouldn’t these incidents be investigated?

Biggest story of 2023? Matthew Horwood at the Western Standard wrote: “As 2022 comes to a close, Canada’s federal and provincial governments, public health ‘experts,’ and mainstream media outlets are still ignoring one of the most important health-care stories of our time—the issue of covid-19 vaccine injuries. At the moment, I would argue it’s an even bigger story than covid-19 itself.”

Targeting children: Despite the mounting evidence, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Canadian health bureaucracy are doubling down on vaccines for 2023. In particular, the government is focused on having children get the jab:

  • The National Advisory Committee on Immunization (naci) published new vaccine guidelines on Dec. 9, 2022, recommending that 5-to-11-year-olds get the new Omicron vaccine.
  • 40 percent of Canadian children age 5 to 11 have received a primary series; only 5 percent have gotten the booster.
  • naci also recommends that children 6 months to 4 years old get a Pfizer or Moderna jab.
  • Canada’s top medical officer did a Christmas skit telling kids to get the vaccine, or they would be on the “naughty list.” The video is two minutes long if you can stomach it.

In Trudeau’s annual year-end interviews with the friendly mainstream media, he displayed no remorse for calling the unvaccinated “racists,” “misogynists” and “anti-science.” In fact, he would do so again.

In a ctv News interview, Trudeau said:

The fact that there were some people out there who were actively spreading harmful disinformation and misinformation, harmful lies that made people scared that the vaccine was more dangerous than the virus. And family sitting around the bedside of a loved one who was dying from covid saying: “Oh my G—, I wish you’d just taken the vaccine, I wish you hadn’t listened to all those YouTube channels.”

We did everything to encourage people along, but those people who were actively putting people’s lives in danger by spreading falsehoods around science that will help and heal and save people, and save our economy, and save lives, and save our institutions. Those people—and there were a small minority within the larger anti-movements who were really vocal—I don’t, and I won’t apologize for calling out people who were harming their fellow Canadians.

If you are hesitant about taking the covid vaccine because people are having strokes on live tv, then you harmed fellow Canadians.

Why is Canada still pushing vaccines? Part of it is that at the start of the pandemic in 2020, Canada bought enough vaccines for a population four times its size, ordering 40 million doses from Moderna. Trudeau is protecting his investment. Apparently, the covid vaccine program saved the health-care system billions of dollars. The sudden spike in adults dying suddenly will also save the health-care system money. Coincidentally, it is right now that health officials are pushing the euthanasia program.

The real reason: Trudeau and other left-wing leaders used covid as a pretext to amass more power. Our book America Under Attack explains the full story and shows how it was prophesied in your Bible.