Qatar Accused of Bribing EU Officials, Four Detained

Belgian police announced charges Sunday against four European Union officials arrested on corruption charges. The group is accused of accepting bribes from Qatar to influence EU policy. The police have reportedly confiscated about €1 million (us$.1.1 million) in cash. The Qatari government denies the allegations. Two others in Belgium were also arrested but have apparently since been released. Others were arrested in Italy.

Among the accused:

  • The most high profile of the accused is Eva Kaili, a vice president of the European Parliament. Kaili is a noted supporter of Qatar. As an member of European Parliament, Kaili has immunity from criminal prosecution. However, this is revoked if a suspect is caught committing a crime. Authorities caught Kaili with “bags of cash” in her possession, according to a source accessed by the Guardian.
  • Kaili’s common-law partner, Francesco Giorgi, is also among the arrested. He is an adviser on the Middle East for the Parliament and a founder of Fight Impunity, a nongovernmental organization.
  • Fight Impunity’s current president, Pier Antonio Panzeri, is a former M.E.P. and was also arrested. Italian police also arrested his wife and daughter. According to Politico, which had access to the Italian arrest warrant, Panzeri is accused of “intervening politically with members working at the European Parliament for the benefit of Qatar and Morocco.”

What’s so worrying about Qatar? Qatar is not only the sponsor of the 2022 fifa World Cup, it is one of the world’s foremost sponsors of Islamic terrorism. Groups Qatar sponsors currently or in the past include Hamas, the Taliban, al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. That an Islamist regime like this could have EU officials in its back pocket is disconcerting to say the least.

Prophecy says: Daniel 11:40 discusses two modern power blocs: a “king of the north” and a “king of the south.” The Trumpet identifies the king of the north as a united Europe, led by Germany. The king of the south is a radical Islamist bloc. The king of the south is prophesied to “push”—provoke—the king of the north to attack. The resulting war will not be a localized conflict, but will impact the whole world. Where exactly Qatar fits into the equation remains to be seen. But an Islamist regime infiltrating the EU government is a strong “push.” To learn more, read Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry’s free booklet The King of the South.