20 Percent ‘Excess Mortality’ in Germany

In Germany, excess mortality is reaching record levels, according to data published last week by the Federal Statistical Office. All of Europe is experiencing a similar phenomenon.

  • In October, Germany experienced a 20 percent increase in deaths compared to the average from 2018 to 2021.
  • Europe as a whole has an average increase of around 10 percent.
  • This trend had already started in late 2021.

Experts are perplexed: The Federal Statistical Office says experts are unable to blame a specific cause as fewer people are dying from the coronavirus and its variants.

  • Some see the effects of the pandemic measures as the greatest culprit. A large number of people are said to have missed life-extending medical treatment due to the lockdowns.
  • The side effects to the vaccines and boosters may also be underestimated.

covid-19 will eventually go away, but what will be the long-term impact of the drastic countermeasures taken to fight the disease?
—Stephen Flurry, Trumpet executive editor, “The Cure Is Killing Us,” June 2020

Tragic conclusion: Our world has sacrificed individual freedoms and caused an economic crisis and many more problems to fight covid-19. All these measures changed our world for the worse and appear to have directly contributed to far more deaths than they have saved.

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