Nobody Seems to Be Concerned About the Vaccine Deaths

00:30 Facing the Authoritarian Storm (28 minutes)
Are you troubled by the alarming rise of authoritarianism in Western nations? Leaders continue to impose rules and regulations that would have been unimaginable just two years ago. Yet look at how quickly many have accepted forced quarantines and vaccine mandates as the new normal. What’s most troubling is that all of these “solutions” have failed to solve the problem and the side effects are causing problems that are much worse. It should be obvious by now—the elites are not concerned about fighting a pandemic. It’s all about control.

28:30 2020 Election Steal (12 minutes)
The Biden administration and the propaganda media have aggressively maintained that the 2020 presidential election was totally secure and legitimate. But ignoring evidence of widespread fraud is not the same as no evidence. How much longer before the Biden administration is fully exposed as illegitimate and Donald Trump returns as president of the United States?

40:35 Bible Study: The Real Value of Human Life (12 minutes)
The physical existence of man, as God says, is like a dissipating vapor or a fading blade of grass. The real value of human life is not in the physical, temporal existence of man, but in his supreme potential to be born into the God Family! As Herbert W. Armstrong explained in his magnum opus, Mystery of the Ages, “The real value of a human life … lies solely within the human spirit combined with the human brain. … Man was created to have a relationship with his Maker.”

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