An Independent Europe for a China-Friendly Policy

The German think tank dgap warns that Europe will be pulled into the United States’ “anti-China strategy” unless it becomes independent. In its November 2022 report “U.S.-Chinese Competition and Transatlantic Relations” it stated: “The country’s continued dependence on American military power limits its room for strategic maneuver. … Yet Germany’s significant economic dependence on China makes it potentially costly to support U.S. geo-economic policies because this could invite Chinese retaliation.”

dgap’s big fear:

“In a scenario where Donald Trump (or a Republican America First candidate) wins in 2024, U.S. foreign policy may yet again become much more unpredictable, volatile, unilateral and potentially systemically destabilizing.”
—dgap report

dgap’s solution: Independence from the U.S. This is necessary even if “trans-Atlantic disagreements remain manageable.” Due to “the outbreak of the Ukraine war and the Zeitenwende”—a reference to the “historic shift in German foreign and security policy” that Chancellor Olaf Scholz has initiated—this “strategic adjustment” has already started, dgap noted.

“How can Europe position itself to play a decisive role globally alongside China and the U.S.A.? One needs to see the antagonism between China and the United States and the resulting lines of conflict as an opportunity for Europe.”
—Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, Germany’s former defense minister

A prophetic trade alliance: Isaiah 23 prophesies of an alliance that excludes the modern descendants of Israel, primarily the U.S. and Britain. Europe and China are mentioned in this prophecy, which cannot be fulfilled as long as Europe remains dependent on the U.S.

Learn more: Isaiah’s End-Time Vision reveals how this “strategic adjustment” was prophesied. “Guttenberg Prods Europe to Unite,” by Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry, reveals the man who will likely lead this push.