What Does Jackson’s Confirmation Mean for America?

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson at the White House celebration of her confirmation on April 8
Nathan Posner/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

What Does Jackson’s Confirmation Mean for America?

It might seem like the left’s efforts will win out, but God’s designs for true justice will be accomplished.

Fifty Democrats were joined by three Republicans as the Senate confirmed Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court last week. The announcement was greeted with a standing ovation from the Democrats while several Republicans walked out of the chamber.

The government is divided. But Jackson still received more confirmation votes than Justices Amy Coney Barret, Brett Kavanaugh or Clarence Thomas. Her confirmation shows that America is decidedly moving left.

When Joe Biden said he would nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court, many people rightly decried this as race-based discrimination. But it also made many people forget the other qualities he promised his nominee would have. He promised that his nominee would have “an expansive view of the Constitution,” viewing it as a “living document,” and “would in fact support Roe v. Wade.”

Ketanji Brown Jackson doesn’t have a long paper trail of rulings that distinctly align her with Biden’s desired qualities. That same vagueness persisted through her masterful evasion of Republican questions throughout her confirmation hearings. But here is what we do know.

She is a registered Democrat who voted for Barack Obama and even worked as a poll monitor for his presidential campaign. Democrats argue that she is a valuable addition to the Supreme Court because her experience as a lawyer is as a defender, rather than a prosecutor. And she does have a long record as a defense attorney, but it includes the defense of several terrorists at Guantanamo Bay. She has presented her defense career as one of dispassionate professionalism. The Washington Free Beacon, however, said it “was zealous and often resembled ideological cause lawyering, even in her capacity as a public defender.” Even after she left public service, she continued to represent terrorists in her own private practice.

She hasn’t had much opportunity to rule on abortion, but she has characterized pro-lifers as “hostile, noisy and in your face” people. In many cases, pro-life protesters gather around abortion clinics and try to dissuade vulnerable young girls and women from making an impulsive decision. In 2001, Jackson was part of an amicus brief filed by several pro-abortion groups supporting the creation of a “buffer zone” around abortion clinics to stop pro-lifers from protesting or approaching anyone. It’s because of this history that America Rising, a political action committee, said “Ketanji Brown Jackson is the abortion lobby’s dream of a nominee to the Supreme Court.”

More recently, Jackson has had a string of rulings that were reversed by appellate courts. One of the most notable was her blocking President Donald Trump’s executive order to hold federal employees who performed poorly accountable, thereby reducing government bureaucracy. She also ruled against Trump’s efforts to deport illegal immigrants faster. She even refuses to use the term “alien” or “illegal” immigrant.

Today, she serves on the board of D.C.’s Georgetown Day School, which promotes transgenderism for kindergartners and peddles critical race theory almost across the board. “I have witnessed the transformative power of a rigorous progressive education that is dedicated to fostering critical thinking, independence and social justice,” Jackson said. “As a result, I truly value the ‘[Georgetown Day School] way.’”

She has endorsed critical race theory as a means of analyzing criminal sentencing. She told her students that “sentencing is just plain interesting on an intellectual level, in part because it melds together myriad types of law—criminal law, of course, but also administrative law, constitutional law, critical race theory, negotiations and, to some extent, even contracts.”

The radicalism doesn’t end there. Records from past cases show a leniency to child pornography possessors and distributors. In one instance where the probation office recommended 18 months in jail, she sentenced the offender to only three. Sen. Marsha Blackburn found that in 80 percent of the cases in which Jackson ruled in child pornography, “she was below the minimum sentence” ranging “anywhere from 14 percent to 88 percent” below the minimum. In dozens of cases, Jackson has consistently imposed sentences far below the recommended amount.

These facts barely made headlines. The most significant moment in her hearings was when she said she couldn’t define what a woman is because she isn’t a biologist. And even that worrying position proved irrelevant.

In just a few months, she will be sworn in to the highest court in the United States of America, after barely revealing anything about her ideologies and beliefs. Democrats have called her brave and strong for sitting through a few tough questions. Joe Biden said she suffered through “verbal abuse … anger, with constant interruptions, the most vile baseless assertions and accusations.”

But contrast her confirmation hearings with Brett Kavanaugh’s. There were protests and demonstrations throughout his hearings. He was accused of sexual assault and gang rape. He was called a drunkard and a liar. Even his high school yearbook and journal entries were scrutinized. Despite there being no evidence that his rape accuser even met him, the media and popular culture united as one to convict this man of crimes he didn’t commit.

What does all of this mean for the United States?

Sen. Ted Cruz, who went to Harvard with Jackson, said, “If she is confirmed, she will be the most liberal justice of all nine, and she will be the most liberal justice to have ever served on the U.S. Supreme Court, and that will have enormous consequences across the entire range.” America is continuing on its dangerous turn left. More of the media is becoming woke. Corporations like Disney prove the entertainment industry is becoming more radical. Now, even some Republican senators are voting for radical leftists like Ketanji Brown Jackson.

But it’s important to keep perspective. Jackson’s nomination is to replace Justice Stephen Breyer, who is also a liberal judge. And though some of the conservative justices lean liberal, President Trump was able to establish a 6-3 conservative majority to the Supreme Court through his appointments. Kavanaugh’s confirmation process shows how much the left hated this.

Brett Kavanaugh wasn’t the first conservative Supreme Court nominee to be attacked so viciously. Robert Bork went through similar animus back in 1987. Regarding this, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote: “Why was Judge Bork attacked so ferociously? Because he believed in the authority of the Constitution as written. He rejected the liberal notion that the Constitution is an ‘evolving’ or ‘living’ document, which can be twisted to mean whatever we want. In the eyes of the liberal left, Bork’s respect for the rule of law made him a threat.”

The same rationale that made Bork and Kavanaugh a threat makes Jackson a valuable weapon in the effort to fundamentally transform America. But Bible prophecy shows how this effort will fall flat.

As Herbert W. Armstrong proved in The United States and Britain in Prophecy, when the Bible references Israel, it is primarily referring to modern-day America and Britain. Mr. Flurry has shown that Amos 7 is a prophecy about America today. And when it discusses Jeroboam and the “king’s court,” it is referring to a modern-day type of this leader and a specific court he influences (Amos 7:13).

Mr. Flurry explained about this court:

This is not a religious entity, it is something else …. It is not something that is following Jeroboam, yet it favors him. It is helping him in some way. What is this referring to prophetically?

I believe this non-religious entity, the kingdom’s house, is referring to the United States Supreme Court… I believe this prophetic account in Amos 7 implies that there is a conservative advantage in the Supreme Court, one that favors Jeroboam.

As Mr. Flurry has explained, President Trump is the modern-day Jeroboam. Throughout his presidency, he fought against radical elements in the U.S. These radicals were responsible for the stolen 2020 election. They are the same people behind Jackson’s nomination and confirmation.

But, Mr. Flurry wrote, “God is saving America temporarily through Jeroboam. The fact that Kavanaugh was actually confirmed, despite all the protests, shows that to be true. Radicals want to control the courts, especially the Supreme Court, and God upset those plans. He has a plan of His own. I believe Mr. Kavanaugh’s confirmation indicates God will likely see that President Trump has a second term.”

Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation is further proof of the left’s efforts to seize and maintain power. But the scandals and the evils are being exposed. There is still a conservative majority on the Supreme Court. And more and more evidence of the stolen election is being unearthed. God’s purpose will stand. It might seem like the left’s efforts will win out, but God’s designs for true justice to come to America will be accomplished. To fully understand how, please read Mr. Flurry’s article “Is America’s Supreme Court in Bible Prophecy?