Germany Prepares for Nuclear War

Germany Prepares for Nuclear War

An overlooked world power has been preparing for decades to have nuclear bombs.

The world again stands in fear of a looming nuclear war. But while some worry about North Korea’s and Iran’s nuclear programs, or the United States and Russia announcing the suspension of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (inf) Treaty, few consider the culprit of Word War i and ii to be a nuclear threat. Bible prophecy, however, foretells that this world will soon be shocked by the rise of a nuclear-armed Germany that starts a large-scale nuclear war.

The groundwork for this prophecy to be fulfilled has already been laid—but almost no one has paid attention.

Since the 1950s, Germany has developed the technical ability to produce and use nuclear weapons. Initially, U.S. wariness had been mollified by Germany’s promise to not produce nuclear weapons, but times have changed and Germany is considering breaking its Cold War agreements. This change should alarm and disturb anyone who knows German history. Almost overnight, Germany could rise to become a nuclear power.

Unless you understand Germany’s nuclear history, you cannot understand its current nuclear debate nor biblical prophecy about its nuclear rise.

New Rules in Post-Cold War Times

Following America’s and Russia’s announcements suspending their inf Treaty in early February, German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen warned against a relapse into a Cold War mentality. “In nato, we agree that we cannot transfer the simple answers of the ’70s and ’80s to the present day,” she said. “We need new answers, new solutions” (Trumpet translation throughout).

During the Cold War, the world stood in fear of the impending outbreak of a nuclear war between America and the Soviet Union. In light of this looming threat, Russia and the U.S. agreed on various treaties to prevent further nuclear proliferation. The inf Treaty between the U.S. and the Soviet Union was signed in 1987 and called for the elimination of all land-based intermediate-range nuclear missiles. The demise of the agreement has added fuel to Europe’s, and especially Germany’s, nuclear debate. As assistant managing editor Richard Palmer noted, the “Demise of the INF Puts Europe in the Nuclear Crosshairs.”

But there is yet another and even more important Cold War agreement that has recently been questioned: the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. This 1968 agreement has been signed by 130 countries, including Germany. The only reason Germany signed the agreement was because of America’s guarantee of nuclear protection and its promise of Germany’s part in the nuclear-sharing agreement.

This treaty is the only thing keeping Germany from going nuclear.

But is this treaty still applicable for Germany today? When Russia and the U.S. start canceling their agreements, why should Germany stick to its promises?

U.S. President Donald Trump has openly questioned the nato alliance. Nuclear-armed Britain is leaving the European Union. Germany cannot rely on Europe’s other nuclear power, France, to provide its nuclear security. As Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung noted, Emmanuel Macron’s decision to not attend the Munich Security Conference is only one of many signs that Germany’s belief in a shared nuclear program with France is a one-sided illusion.

In all this, Germany sees its position reinforced: Only Germany can provide for Germany’s security. Renowned German political scientist Christian Hacke caused a widespread debate last year with his article “Why Germany Should Get the Bomb,” which was later translated into English. He wrote: “The emerging nuclear threats of the 21st century should not be trivialized as relics of the Cold War but must be resolved with Germany’s active and constructive participation.” Hacke argued that Germany needs its own bombs.

Although President Trump is blamed for rekindling the nuclear debate, Germany’s contemplation of going nuclear is not new. Its nuclear ambition started in World War ii as Adolf Hitler sought to get the bomb. The shocking truth is that this ambition never died but continued to live in the minds of West German leaders after the war ended. The only reason Germany did not get nukes was because of America’s restraining force.

Although its ambition was kept in check, Germany has prepared for decades to become a nuclear power. To understand how, we must look back at Germany’s history during the Cold War.

Preparing to Produce and Use Nukes

In the 1950s, German leaders argued that it was untenable for the nation to be without its own nuclear program as its neighbor to the east was rapidly rising. At the time, the consequences of World War ii were still glaring, and under no circumstances did the Allied forces want to allow Germany to go nuclear. But pressed by Germany, the U.S. negotiated a few fatal compromises.

Germany regained independence in 1949 and was placed under the leadership of West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. Besides negotiating Germany’s general rearmament, Adenauer also pleaded with the U.S. for the right to its own nuclear program. As it became clear that the U.S. would not grant Germany this right, Adenauer negotiated in 1958 with French President Charles de Gaulle to create a European nuclear program to which Germany would be allowed to contribute. To ease the debate, Adenauer trivialized the use of tactical nuclear weapons, calling them “especially harmless weapons.”

In the end, de Gaulle shattered Adenauer’s dream by directing his attention to French involvement in the Algerian War. Spiegel Online recounted: “For Adenauer and [Defense Minster Franz Josef] Strauss, de Gaulle’s decision meant the final end of their lofty nuclear dreams. Their only remaining option was the ‘nuclear participation’ that the Americans granted them. Strauss, who was known for his nuclear ambitions, revealed his thoughts on this bluntly in his memoirs: ‘One allows the little clown to walk alongside the military music with his children’s trumpet and let him believe he is the drum major.’”

Even though Strauss was greatly disappointed, he gained a partial victory and “dutifully” made everything possible for U.S. nuclear bombs to be stationed in Germany. He quickly obtained the U.S.-required carrier system for stationing the bombs and purchased the U.S. Starfighter F-104 in the fall of 1958.

While Strauss strictly followed U.S. guidelines, he had his own plans in mind for using the bombs.

In regard to U.S. documents, Spiegel recounted that after Henry Kissinger met with Strauss in 1961, he warned the Kennedy administration of Strauss’s ambition. He wrote that America should secure its nuclear weapons in the Federal Republic of Germany in a way that would be “physically impossible” for Germany to use them without American consent. He warned that in a crisis situation, it could be assumed that Strauss would “simply take” these weapons.

In 1962, U.S. officer Hugo Charles Sanford was stationed at the secret bunker where the tactical U.S. nuclear weapons were stored. In 2013, he told Spiegel that the U.S. seriously feared a violent takeover of the bombs by the Bundeswehr and so drastically increased its military security around the bombs.

Thus Strauss’s plot was thwarted. And although Germany has continued to train in the use of these bombs, America’s fear of a violent German takeover has significantly diminished. It has since been allowed to produce its own Tornado fighter jets that are able to carry nuclear bombs, and German pilots practice the use of these bombs regularly.

Today, the aging Tornado fighter jet needs a successor, and Germany has two options: Boeing’s F/A-18 jets or Airbus’s Eurofighter. In both cases, Germany wants to retain its ability to conduct nuclear strikes.

Time will prove that the decision to grant Germany access to the U.S.’s bombs is a fatal mistake.

But that’s not all. Clearly, from the start Strauss and Adenauer had far greater nuclear ambitions than those the U.S. granted. America’s second fatal mistake was to allow Germany to pursue its own civil nuclear program.

Before Franz Josef Strauss became defense minister, he was appointed minister of nuclear energy in 1955. During his ministry, he laid the groundwork to develop uranium enrichment plants, allegedly to produce nuclear energy. After the U.S. denied Germany’s right to develop its own nuclear bombs, Strauss focused on sponsoring scientific research and developing various facilities to enrich uranium in Germany.

Although the U.S. was aware that Strauss was furiously working to get nukes, it still allowed Germany to develop the technology to produce nuclear weapon materials. Thus Germany today can transform from a non-nuclear power into a nuclear giant—in a heartbeat.

Since the 1950s, Germany has become one of the world’s largest suppliers of toll enrichment services to the commercial market. By 2011, Germany used 17 reactors to obtain one quarter of its electricity from nuclear energy. Since then, Germany has taken various steps to become independent from nuclear energy and has invested heavily in renewable energy.

For awhile, it seemed as if Germany’s nuclear ambition had faded. But as the nuclear debate rekindles in Europe, Germany is considering repurposing its nuclear program. Thanks to the loopholes of the 1967 Non-Proliferation Treaty, the switch isn’t that difficult. Michael Shellenberger wrote for Forbes:

In truth, no nation decides to get a nuclear weapon simply because they have nuclear power plants, and the fuel used in nuclear plants is not enriched enough to make a weapon.

But under the rules of the 1968 Non-Proliferation Treaty, nations are allowed to have facilities to enrich uranium, and extract plutonium from spent fuel, which could be used to build a weapon.

In order to produce nuclear reactor fuel, the concentration of uranium 235 needs to be increased to about 5 percent; for nuclear bombs, to about 90 percent. But the amount of uranium needed to build a nuclear weapon is considerably less than to fuel nuclear power plants. Thus as Ivanka Barzashka wrote for the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, “Any civilian enrichment facility can be used to produce nuclear weapons material.” Once uranium is enriched to 5 percent, the further enrichment needed to reach 90 percent gets easier with each percent. For this reason, “the ability to produce weapons material has been widely used as a proxy measure for a country’s nuclear weapons potential,” Barzashka wrote.

Germany’s Urenco Group’s uranium enrichment plant in Gronau is seen as one of the world’s leaders in uranium enrichment. It uses centrifuges that can easily enrich uranium to the 80 to 90 percent level needed for nuclear weapons. This advanced technology and the many centrifuges used give Germany the ability to produce hundreds of nukes in just a few months. Barzashka wrote:

A typical 1,000-megawatt nuclear reactor uses 27,000 kilograms of low-enriched uranium in a year. This means that an enrichment plant sized to fuel one reactor has the capacity to produce about 20 bombs per year. That is roughly 300 centrifuges of the kind run by Urenco, the European enrichment consortium, or over 100,000 centrifuges of the kind mostly used by Iran. To produce one bomb a year would require less than 20 Urenco machines or more than 5,000 Iranian ones.

Having the enriched uranium is by far the greatest challenge in the production of nukes; the next steps are considerably minor. Germany’s meticulous planning for this moment reveals that it was only looking for an excuse to break its Cold War agreements. The excuse was not available during Strauss’s day, but it is today.

As Germany continues to distance itself from America, it continues to enhance the ability of its fighter jets to carry American bombs and is even contemplating producing its own nukes. Kissinger warned that Strauss planned on using these bombs against America’s interest. Shouldn’t America be even more concerned about this today as Germany openly turns its back on the U.S.?

Just as Britain and America could have stopped Hitler’s rise, they too could have prevented Germany’s emergence as a nuclear power. But as it is, they have done little to prevent Hitler’s rise or Germany’s nuclear rise today. History teaches us that such a laid-back approach to these urgent matters will be deadly for the world. Watch the Key of David program below to learn how history helps us understand the Bible’s predictions for the future.

Franz Josef Strauss and Herbert W. Armstrong

Kissinger was not the only one who warned about Strauss’s ambition. For decades, Herbert W. Armstrong warned about a rising European empire that would be led by Germany. He repeatedly drew his listeners’ attention to Franz Josef Strauss. Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry explained why:

One man who closely watched Strauss’s political career was Herbert W. Armstrong. He was founder and editor in chief of the Plain Truth newsmagazine, forerunner of the Philadelphia Trumpet. Mr. Armstrong observed world events closely, especially in Europe. He devoted much of his work and his message—which reached millions of people worldwide—to analyzing Germany in particular. Why? Because he studied and proclaimed Bible prophecy, and Bible prophecy forecast not only that Germany would reunite, but that it would lead Europe once again—exactly what we are seeing today. …

Mr. Armstrong wrote, “The world appears bereft of ‘great men.’ But a world-recognized ‘strongman’ in all probability will now very soon appear. … There will be 10 [kings], ruling 10 nations or groups of nations in the area of the once-great Holy Roman Empire. But there will be one super-king over the 10” (Plain Truth, May 1969).

Concerning that super-king, Mr. Armstrong wrote that Europe was “waiting for the confidence-inspiring leader ….” Mr. Armstrong felt Franz Josef Strauss might be that leader. Yet Strauss died in 1988. [Otto von] Habsburg died in 2011. German strength and the dream of European unification, however, did not die with them. When Strauss first published his ideas, he knew he might not live to see his dreams carried out. “… I am under no illusions about the length of time it will take to set this sequence of events in train,” he wrote. “It might take a generation. … If the process is to take time, then it must be time put to good use.”

During Strauss’s day, the groundwork was laid for the fulfillment of the prophecies of a Vatican-German alliance and the rise of a German strongman. Still, those prophecies have yet to be fulfilled.

The God behind these Bible prophecies led Mr. Armstrong to closely watch Strauss. Today, we see why. Germany is about to get its strongman who will use the groundwork Strauss laid during the Cold War to start a nuclear world war. The evidence is there for all to see, but most refuse to heed God’s warning. (Read A Strong German Leader Is Imminent to learn more about the man that we believe will continue the legacy of Franz Josef Strauss.)

The Prophet Isaiah saw a vision of the time we are living in today and asked God how long He would allow it to go on: “Then said I, Lord, how long? And he answered, Until the cities be wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land be utterly desolate” (Isaiah 6:11). Isaiah prophesied of this coming nuclear holocaust that we are about to see. Mr. Flurry writes in his book Isaiah’s End-Time Vision:

Why does God lay cities waste without an inhabitant? Because that is what it takes to get Israel’s attention! That includes spiritual Israel, or the Church of God, and the nations of Israel.

Israel in this end time primarily refers to the U.S. and Great Britain. (Request a free copy of The United States and Britain in Prophecy to learn more about ancient Israel’s modern-day identity.) The only reason God allows this to happen is because mankind refuses to heed the warning He delivered through His man.

Mr. Armstrong spoke to millions on his weekly television program. He often warned about Germany’s rise. His flagship magazine had a circulation of 8 million; yet, the U.S. and Britain have largely ignored his warning. Even worse, the church that God built through Mr. Armstrong stopped declaring His message.

Mr. Armstrong’s message was not one of gloom and doom. He was inspired by the book of Isaiah, which is filled with wonderful prophecies of a coming World Tomorrow. For this reason, Mr. Armstrong named his television broadcast The World Tomorrow. Mr. Armstrong proclaimed God’s coming Kingdom that would end all human suffering. Every warning from Mr. Armstrong pointed to that ultimate reality.

The sad story of human history is that mankind has to suffer before they will listen to God. The wonderful truth though is that God has not given up on mankind and will very soon usher in a wonderful world, in which the deserts of the nuclear wilderness will blossom again (Isaiah 35), a time when wild animals will be tamed and all humans will live in harmony (Isaiah 11). Eventually every human being who has ever lived and never knew God will be resurrected into that wonderful world. To learn more about these wonderful prophecies and how they will be brought about, request a free copy of Mr. Armstrong’s booklet The Wonderful World Tomorrow—What It Will Be Like.

Before all these wonderful prophecies can be fulfilled, God must lay cities waste without inhabitant. We have two options: choose to heed God’s warning or wait until a nuclear world war strikes us. Thus far, mankind has chosen the second option—we see the signs of the fulfillment of these prophecies all around us.

Yet God promises to bring about that wonderful World Tomorrow. In the midst of the world’s nuclear arms race, we need to consider the clear vision Bible prophecy provides us. Request your free copy of Isaiah’s End-time Vision, by Gerald Flurry, to learn about the prophet’s warnings for the end time and why we need to take heed today.

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This Week: Five Events You Need to Know (March 2)

This Week: Five Events You Need to Know (March 2)

European elections, Germany’s arms exports, concerns about a major recession by 2021, and more

Here are five of the most important news stories this week, as well as relevant links to the full articles and videos here on

Is a Devout Catholic About to Lead the EU?

European parliamentary elections are scheduled for May 23 to 26. The new Parliament will vote for the European Union’s next Commission president in July. The most likely candidate to replace the incumbent Jean-Claude Juncker is Manfred Weber, a devout Catholic from Germany’s most Catholic state, and a member of Germany’s most Catholic party, the Christian Social Union.

Weber is openly promoting his religious faith and believes that the EU as a whole should do the same. The implications are quite prophetic.

Germany Bypasses Arms Export Rules

Germany is now willing to compromise on its previous position and partner with France to renew arms exports to Saudi Arabia, according to an official paper signed recently and seen by Der Spiegel.

After journalist Jamal Kashoggi was murdered, allegedly by the Saudi Arabian government, Germans were outraged. The German government halted weapons exports to the Saudi kingdom. Only a few months later, increasing Franco-German cooperation has completely changed the situation.

An agreement on common export policies and resuming exports to Saudi Arabia will lead to a stronger, more assertive Franco-German alliance. All that remains to be seen from that alliance is the emergence strongman prophesied in Daniel 8.

‘High Volatility’ in Spain’s Snap Elections

On February 15, only 8½ months after becoming Spain’s prime minister, Pedro Sánchez called for snap general elections. The early elections were called after a parliamentary vote rejected the proposed national budget. In response, the socialist prime minister said, “One cannot govern without a budget. Between doing nothing and continuing without the budget and calling on Spaniards to have their say, I choose the second. Spain needs to keep advancing, progressing with tolerance.”

The elections, to be held on April 28, again highlight Europe’s political turmoil.

The Bible prophesies that out of this turmoil will emerge a united Europe, the last resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire—united for a short time to fulfill God’s will (Revelation 17:17). This united Europe, also called “the king of the north” (Daniel 11:40), is emerging right now.

United Nations: Britain Must Surrender Chagos Islands

Before World War ii, Britain and the United States controlled a great number of the world’s “sea gates,” including the Suez Canal, the Panama Canal, Singapore, Cyprus, Hong Kong and the Chagos Archipelago in the Indian Ocean. Their control over these strategic locations played a key role in decades of global stability and economic growth. But since that time, America and Britain have surrendered control of many of these assets. And on February 25, the United Nations’ highest court ruled that the Chagos Islands must now also be surrendered.

Britain and the United States’ control, and eventual loss, of the world’s “sea gates” is actually a dramatic fulfillment of Bible prophecy!

Poll: Economists Expect Major Recession by 2021

Three fourths of American business economists say they expect a major recession to hit America by the end of 2021, and half expect it to arrive earlier, according to a recent poll by the National Association for Business Economics. This ominous forecast from those who closely watch the world’s most important economy should cause everyone to sit up and take note.

A financial crisis in America would significantly affect the entire world.

“This Week” appears every weekend. To receive an update on our latest stories in your inbox ahead of time every Friday afternoon, subscribe to the Trumpet Brief daily e-mail. Sign up by clicking here or by visiting home page.

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Are India and Pakistan About to Trigger World War III?

Are India and Pakistan About to Trigger World War III?

Bible prophecy gives a detailed description of the spark that will ignite the next and final world war.

Tensions between India and Pakistan are rapidly escalating, and some analysts are saying that since both nations have nuclear arsenals, it could ignite World War iii.

Here are some headlines from the last couple of days:

  • “World War III: India and Pakistan Tensions ‘FLASH POINT’ for Nuclear War” (Express, February 28).
  • “Yes, India and Pakistan Could End the World as We Know It Through a Nuclear Exchange” (The Drive, February 27).
  • “World War III: India and Pakistan ‘On the Brink’ of Nuclear War?” (tv9 Today, February 27).

Are these analysts overreacting? Or will time prove their forecasts right? At the Trumpet, we study such questions relying on a different intelligence source than other publications. We examine them through the lens of Bible prophecy.

Around one third of the Bible consists of prophecies, which are forecasts of what the future holds. And a sizable percentage of those prophecies contain details about a third and final world war: what will ignite it, who the main players will be, what types of weaponry they will use, where critical battles will take place, and more. Prophecy also discloses how that war will conclude.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

When Jesus Christ’s disciples asked Him what the sign of “the end of the world” would be (Matthew 24:3), He gave a detailed answer. He said prior to His return, religious deception would mislead many, “wars and rumors of wars” would abound, and there would be “famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes” (verses 4-7). He said these would be early-warning indicators, but would not mean the end of the age of man is imminent.

Then Christ discusses an event that would signal the imminent end of the age: “For there will be greater anguish than at any time since the world began. And it will never be so great again. In fact, unless that time of calamity is shortened, not a single person will survive …” (verses 21-22; New Living Translation).

When Christ spoke these words, a global war that could threaten to end all human life was not yet technologically possible. But around 1955, a major milestone was crossed: Increased prevalence of nuclear weapons made a war capable of ending all human life possibleeven dangerously probable.

Today, nations continue to hold each other at nuclear gunpoint. This shows that some key Bible prophecies about World War iii could only be possible in the modern nuclear age. This shows the “time of calamity” prophesied in Matthew 24:21-22 refers to what we now call World War iii.

World War III’s Main Players—and the Trigger

Daniel 11 provides details about who the main powers in this civilization-destroying world war will be.

Verse 40 says a power called “the king of the south” will “push at” another power called “the king of the north.” Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry has identified the king of the south as radical Islam, led by Iran. You can prove this identity by reading his booklet The King of the South. The king of the north will be a unified European power, led by Germany and guided by the Vatican. To learn which scriptures prove this identity, read our free book The Holy Roman Empire in Prophecy.

Daniel 11 shows that after the king of the south pushes at the king of the north, the latter will release a torrent of devastation on Iran and its Islamist partners.

This conflict will rattle the world.

Luke 21 records more details from the conversation between Christ and His disciples. In verses 20-22, Jesus describes an event that will happen just before the outbreak of the final world war that threatens all human life: “And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh. … For these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled.”

Matthew 24 also describes Jerusalem being surrounded by multiple armies, labeling it “the abomination of desolation … in the holy place” (verse 15).

The prophesied push by Iran against a united Europe discussed in Daniel 11:40 is closely connected to this time when armies surround Jerusalem.

Mr. Flurry explained the connection between the two events in his article “The Whirlwind Prophecy” from the July 2013 Trumpet issue.

“Study Daniel’s prophecy more deeply, and you see Jerusalem right in the middle of it,” he wrote. He went on to say that the push by the king of the south against the king of the north could happen in the city of Jerusalem. “Does it have something to do with radical Islam attacking or controlling a site owned by the Catholics?” he asked. Several of Catholicism’s holiest sites are located in Jerusalem, so it is not difficult to envision such an event occurring, and how aggressively the Europeans would react to it.

Whatever the exact details of that “push” turn out to be, the Scriptures reveal that it ties into the armies surrounding Jerusalem, and that it will escalate into nuclear world war.

So Bible prophecy is clear. It will not be New Delhi or Islamabad or Kashmir or any other city that the armies of the world will surround in the lead-up to World War iii. It will be Jerusalem.

Pakistan, India, Armageddon and Beyond

This does not mean that we should be blithe about the escalating violence between India and Pakistan. These two nuclear-armed nations have fought four wars since splitting apart from each other in 1947 and have nearly come to blows on several other occasions. Nationalism is sharply rising in both countries, and there is nothing in Bible prophecy saying another war between them will not take place.

If such a conflict does erupt, it would contribute to the “wars and rumors of wars” that Christ warned would occur before the Third World War breaks out. But prophecy shows that it will not be the spark that ignites World War iii.

Prophecy shows that India and Pakistan will likely be assimilated into “the kings of the east” power bloc (Revelation 16:12), which is prophesied to play a major role in World War iii. This bloc will be led by Russia, with China in a secondary leadership position. Many other Asian nations will be aligned with it. (Read Ezekiel 38:5-6 and our article “The Other Asian Powerhouse: India.”) This means that all the missiles and nuclear weaponry that India and Pakistan have developed will contribute to the unprecedented devastation to occur during the prophesied Third World War. But prophecies such as that recorded in Daniel 11:44 show that this will occur later in the global conflict, not at the beginning.

Altogether, this shows that even though the currently escalating India-Pakistan tensions will not be the spark that ignites world war, we should still view the danger soberly. It should cause us to consider the Bible’s prophecies of a nuclear world war, and to see that they are coming closer to fulfillment.

God instructs His people in Luke 21:36 to be vigilant about watching world news and how events fulfill Bible prophecies: “Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.”

The evidence today shows that World War iii is quickly approaching. But the Bible’s prophecies do not end with nuclear war eradicating mankind.

In Matthew 24:21-22, just after Christ says that the war at the end of this age will be so violent that it could kill all human life, He then adds an important statement: “But it will be shortened” (nlt).

World War iii will be interrupted by Christ’s return!

In his booklet Nuclear Armageddon Is ‘At the Door,’ Mr. Flurry writes about this game-changing interruption:

The good news is God will shorten the time span and save us alive. But if He did not intervene, there wouldn’t be anyone alive on this planet. He will let it go a long way so that people learn they can’t rule themselves. Men don’t know the way of peace. God knows—and if you keep His law of love, it will bring great joy and peace into your life.

Revelation 19:11-16 describe the scene as Christ returns to assume His office as King of kings, ruling over India, Pakistan, Kashmir and the entire Earth. On the topic of this age of harmony, Isaiah 2:4 says: “[N]ation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.”

Knowing how near that peaceful future is can provide us with a perspective that fills us with hope.

To learn more about the prophetic significance of the rising nuclear tensions around the world, and the hope that is ultimately tied into these trends, order your free copy of Nuclear Armageddon Is ‘At the Door.’

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Why the Left Needs Racism

Protesters shout slogans and wave placards against U.S. President Donald Trump during a Rise and Resist Against White Supremacy demonstration inside the Grand Central Station in New York on Sept. 18, 2017.

Why the Left Needs Racism

Without its prism of racist rhetoric, the rainbow coalition will dissipate.

Is the president of the United States a racist? According to Sen. Kamala Harris, the answer is yes. In an interview with the The Root published on Tuesday, the Democratic presidential candidate made her opinions on President Donald Trump clear. She was asked, “So you definitely agree that he’s a racist?” She replied, “I do, yes. Yes.”

Other 2020 Democratic presidential candidates agree. In fact, Sen. Bernie Sanders came on stronger in his presidential announcement. He called the president “a racist, a sexist, a xenophobe and someone who is undermining American democracy as he leads us in an authoritarian direction.” Sen. Sherrod Brown unabashedly told nbc’s Meet the Press, “We have a president who’s a racist.” Sen. Cory Booker was slightly more circumspect, saying, “I don’t know the heart of anybody,” before saying the president uses “bigoted language.”

In testimony before Congress on Wednesday, President Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen joined the fray and accused him of being a racist who courts white supremacists.

In spite of all these accusations of racism, the president’s approval rating among black and Hispanic voters continues to climb. One poll indicates that President Trump may receive close to 20 percent of the African American vote on Election Day 2020—almost three times the share he received during the 2016 presidential election. Another poll shows that his support among Hispanic adults jumped from 31 percent to 51 percent soon after he ramped up his push to get funding for a wall on the southern border.

These figures seem strange to those who believe that blacks and Hispanics universally hate the “racist” Republican Party. But many black voters approve of the way the Trump administration has handled the economy, and many Hispanic voters are worried about illegal immigration. If President Trump gets 20 percent of the black vote and 50 percent of the Hispanic vote in 2020, there is almost no way for the Democrats to win the election.

This is why Democrats are vociferously condemning President Trump as a racist.

“To keep blacks voting Democratic, it is necessary for the party and its supporters to keep alive the idea that racism is prevalent in America and to portray the Republican Party (as well as independent challengers to the Democrats, such as the tea-party movement) as racist,” wrote James Taranto in a Wall Street Journal editorial. “The election of Barack Obama made nonsense of the idea that America remains a racist country and thereby necessitated an intensifying of attacks on the opposition as racist.”

The “rainbow coalition” of the Democratic Party coalition is full of paradoxes. Feminists vote alongside Islamists. Hispanic Catholics vote alongside atheistic abortionists. Working-class blacks vote alongside open-borders activists. Many people selecting “Democrat” at the ballot box actually vote against their own values and interests because they regard the Republican Party as the greater—racist—evil. Now that an increasing number of blacks and Hispanics are abandoning the Democratic Party, party leaders are doubling down on their message that “the Republican president is a racist.” If many more Democratic voters stop viewing politics through the lens of the “racism” accusation, the rainbow coalition will dissipate.

But doubling down on accusations of racism will have devastating consequences.

During the height of the civil rights movement in the 1960s, renowned educator Herbert W. Armstrong wrote from a unique perspective—neither white nor black, Republican nor Democrat, but based on the eternal truths of the Holy Bible. Mr. Armstrong taught the way to true peace and correctly identified the problems plaguing race relations. Yet he also understood what the Bible prophesied for the near future. Basing his predictions on these prophecies, he wrote in the October 1963 Plain Truth, “Make no mistake! This is no light matter to pass over casually! Race war is coming! Racial tensions, passions and hatreds are being deliberately stirred by organized planning. It will explode into mass violence that will stagger the imagination! It will be whipped into an accelerating crescendo until human blood runs like rivers!”

His warning highlighted the fact that racial violence in America is not happening because of an innate hatred between races. It is being stirred up by politicians, many of whom are trying to scare people into voting for them. In the 1960s, this tactic spiraled out of control as hundreds of people took to the streets to riot. And it is about to spiral out of control again.

Bible prophecies make clear that more violent riots are going to erupt in U.S. cities.

Isaiah 1:7 states: “Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire: your land, strangers devour it in your presence, and it is desolate, as overthrown by strangers.”

In his book The United States and Britain in Prophecy, Mr. Armstrong proves that the biblical book of Isaiah is primarily a book of prophecy about end-time Israel (primarily the United States and Britain). So, this verse is about a time when “strangers,” or non-Israelites, burn down the cities of the land. God allows this to happen as punishment for the people’s sins.

The racially charged rhetoric being hurled by politicians is stirring up negative emotions and anger. This rhetoric may be intended as a vote-getting play, but it is already starting to boil over into riots and protests. Unfortunately, the human race will have to endure an immense amount of suffering before it is willing to embrace the way to true peace.

For more information on the future of race relations in America and how God plans to restore America to a position of global prominence, read Great Again by Gerald Flurry.

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Fires, Floods, Droughts—and the Year of the Environmentalist

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Is a Devout Catholic About to Lead the EU?

Manfred Weber, top candidate of the conservatives and the csu, speaks on Dec. 8, 2018, at a federal congress of the cdu in Hamburg, Germany.
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Is a Devout Catholic About to Lead the EU?

Leaders are rising to turn the Continent back to its Catholic roots.

The European Union is in election mode. More than ever, people are demanding answers and solutions to Europe’s crises. The EU as a whole, powerful as it is, has failed to provide its citizens with a sense of reassurance. But there is a man campaigning to change all of that. He promises to give Europe back to its citizens, and to return the Continent to its Christian roots.

The man set to replace EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in 2019 is Manfred Weber, currently heading the European People’s Party. European elections are scheduled for May 23 to 26. The new Parliament will vote for the EU’s next Commission president in July. While the elections are still a few months away, some have called on Juncker for an early resignation.

The fact that Weber is seen as the most likely candidate to replace Juncker gives a strong indication that the EU is heading toward a drastic turning point. The Roman Catholic Weber hails from Bavaria, Germany’s most Catholic state, and is a member of Germany’s most Catholic party, the Christian Social Union. Moreover, he is openly promoting his religious faith and believes that the EU as a whole should do the same.

Many commentators believe 2019 will decide whether Europe breaks or thrives. With its recent move away from the United States, and the ongoing refugee crisis and financial crisis, Europe urgently needs solutions. For decades, the Trumpet and its predecessor, the Plain Truth, have declared that Europe will return to its Christian roots in an attempt to solve its crises.

Manfred Weber campaigns on that promise. His campaign successes show that secular Europe is about to radically transform.

The EU’s Drift Toward Secularism

Weber stands in stark contrast with the average Brussels decision-maker. His open devotion to the Catholic faith is an anomaly within the European Union, which has, in recent decades, drifted toward secularism. Former member of the European Parliament Bernd Posselt lamented in Germany’s Bayernkurier, “Many politicians in Europe want to strictly separate religion and politics. They forget that essential achievements of the Continent are based on the Christian faith” (February 24; Trumpet translation throughout).

Weber is fully aware of Europe’s Christian history, and this history shapes his thinking. He is a devout Catholic and openly advocates his religious faith. In a video that sums up his candidacy, Weber is seen taking the holy water in a Catholic church. In an interview with German Tagespost, he said, concerning the video: “No segment like the one with the holy water caused so many responses, even in Cyprus and France. It wasn’t meant to be missionary, but a commitment to one’s own identity.”

Weber’s approach isn’t that abnormal considering the EU’s history. The Union’s foundation was laid with the Christian faith in mind. Posselt recounted how the European Parliament building in Strasbourg was designed in accordance with the Strasbourg Cathedral, as a symbol of Western Christianity. The view from the parliament building is Strasbourg Cathedral. The pillars in the main hall have a cross-shaped floor plan, symbolizing Europe’s Christian foundation in culture and identity. Similar symbolism is found in the EU’s headquarters buildings in Brussels. One building is even named after one of Europe’s early Christian emperors: Charlemagne.

Despite the architects’ efforts to keep Christianity within sight of EU leaders, the politicians have lost view of Europe’s Christian roots. Thus Weber’s open devotion to Catholicism has also received many frowns.

“There are certainly people who see it critically,” Weber said, “but you have to handle that with confidence. The church and state have different relations in Europe. I certainly don’t want to change that. The diversity must be respected. But you also can’t reproach me in how I handle it. I see my faith as part of my personality.” He further explained:

I have been Catholic since my childhood. I have had and am fortunate enough to find faith as something natural. For me it is a gift. I believe that God is love that this love becomes human, as human it gives us people orientation, how we can make life successful. … This is a wonderful and beautiful idea. I am supported by faith; I’m happy about it. It gives me strength.

Weber is not dissuaded by the EU’s secularism—he is passionately committed to bring Europe back to its religious roots.

A Catholic Upbringing

On his website, Weber wrote: “During my voluntary work at the kljb (Catholic Rural Youth Movement)—as a trumpet player in the church brass instrument group—and my contribution to village life, I gained vital life experience. For me, my home is my identity.” When he announced his candidacy for the highest office in the EU in 2018, German Catholic news website published an article titled “A Bavarian and a Catholic for Europe?” The article recounted how Weber’s Catholic upbringing almost inevitably led him to join the Christian Social Union in Bavaria. He was first elected to the Bavarian State Parliament in 2002 and became chairman of the Young Union Bavaria in 2003. From there, he decided to continue his career in the European Parliament rather than pursue a high leadership role on the national level, which many considered to be more important.

All along, Weber kept his Catholic homeland and upbringing in mind. The article recounted: “As much as he enjoys working for Europe, he feels very rooted in his homeland, which also includes being Catholic.”

Weber is also a member of the National Committee of Catholics in Bavaria and the Central Committee of German Catholics, and he presides over the circle of Friends of the Benedictine Abbey of Rohr.

“Weekly church attendance is no duty for me; rather, it is an enriching and spiritual experience,” Weber wrote on his website. “Christianity enriches my life, inducing a sense of continuity and stability in an increasingly fast-paced world. In the past, I regularly spent time in monasteries to foster spirituality and gain renewed momentum.”

Weber’s campaign rhetoric reveals how his faith will shape the EU in the future.

Religion Guides Weber’s Politics

Weber doesn’t deny that his religious upbringing guides his politics. He encourages others to take a similar approach. In reply to Tagespost’s question about whether his religion shapes his political style, he said: “I have always tried to practice a style that is honest and argumentative, but allows for competition and makes an offer. There was never the need or temptation for me to go another way. I would never deny other politicians to walk the sincere way, even if they are not Christians.”

Weber’s religious and historic perspective also give him a clear course of action when it comes to the topic of European culture. In an interview with Die Welt, Weber said: “As a religion that gives historical-cultural identity, Islam belongs just as little to Europe as it belongs to Germany.” Rather than letting Islam shape Europe, Weber believes that Germany and Europe need a guiding culture founded on Christian values.

Weber campaigns on the promise to do more for the protection and rights of Christians worldwide.

He believes that Turkey, an Islamic nation, should have no part in the European Union. He is campaigning on the promise to immediately end membership negotiations once he assumes office. Weber also takes a tough stance against immigration. He promotes a closed border and the strict implementation of deportation laws.

In Brussels, Weber furthers the dialogue between Hungarian President Viktor Orbán and Brussels. Orbán has pleaded for years with the EU to turn Europe into a Christian state. EU bureaucrats have long demanded the exclusion of Orbán’s party, the Fidesz, from the European Parliament, which Weber does not support. While Weber and Orbán share some of the same ideologies, Weber is much keener to present his ideas in a way that is acceptable to the rest of the EU.

One of Weber’s close friends and colleagues is Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. Weber has said that Kurz “proved that one can persuade the citizens for the politics we represent and for Europe in using civic and Christian Democratic messages.” On social media and through various joint appearances, Kurz and Weber have shown their solidarity. Kurz fully supports Weber’s candidacy for the European Commission presidency.

The two are joined by their Catholic faith, which Kurz also openly promotes. In his article “The Holy Roman Empire Goes Public—Big Time!Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry noted:

Kurz is only 32 years old, but he captured the imagination of his countrymen, and they promoted him to lead the nation. He is very popular in Austria, and also across Europe! He is looked up to as a key figure in European politics.

Kurz is close to the archbishop of Vienna, Christoph Schönborn, whom several authorities believe could become the next pope. When he was foreign minister, Kurz sought the counsel of a Catholic priest on how to deal with the migrant crisis. The actions he took after that meeting actually stopped the influx of migrants into Germany and Eastern Europe. German Chancellor Angela Merkel opposed his actions, calling them anti-humanitarian. But Kurz believed his actions aligned with his Catholic faith. …

This is hardly the first time that religion has been featured in European politics. In fact, Kurz is just trying to resurrect a role that his native Austria played for centuries: as the heart of the Holy Roman Empire—the most powerful and infamous church-state combine in all human history.

Read all of Mr. Flurry’s article to learn more about how Kurz promotes religion and Europe’s history. Together, Kurz and Weber play a crucial role in the resurrection of Europe’s historic church-state combine.

‘A Leitmotif That Provides Orientation for the Future’

“I use [the term Christian Occident] because I believe that this Continent must, more than ever, seek its roots,” Weber told Tagespost. “Those traveling through Europe experience a great variety of languages, cultures, history. But there is an overarching commonality: Almost every town and almost every village has a Christian church! This Continent is deeply influenced by Christianity. That is a fact that can, of course, not be brushed aside. But the question is what does that mean for us today? This is not for the museum, but it is rather a leitmotif that provides orientation for the future.”

Indeed, there is one thing that Europe has in common and that is its Christian (Catholic) heritage. Weber desires to once again make this Christian heritage the guiding theme for Europe’s politics and its future.

Through religion, Weber wants to again unite Europe and bridge the gap between the ruling class and its citizens. He already wields a lot of influence in the EU, and he is building friendships and connections to make this vision a reality.

The upcoming European elections might leave Europe in greater despair than ever. Parties that promote anti-EU ideologies are on the rise. The formerly strong mainstream parties have been shaken and are in decline. The European Parliament, the national governments and European citizens themselves face an ever greater challenge to find common ground and unity.

Weber says the one thing that all of Europe has in common is its religion. He believes this religious heritage must be the glue to unify Europe again.

Late theologian Herbert W. Armstrong wrote in the January 1979 Plain Truth, “In only one way can this resurrected Holy Roman Empire be brought to fruition—by the ‘good offices’ of the Vatican, uniting church and state once again, with the Vatican astride and ruling.”

Referring to Revelation 13 and 17, Mr. Flurry wrote in the November 1996 Trumpet: “The Catholic Church is going to unite and then guide the European Union, or the king of the north—with Germany as the real power behind it.”

A staunch Catholic German at the head of the organization could certainly help lead to the fulfillment of this prophecy.

But while Weber may, in one way or another, play a key role in the fulfillment of this prophecy, we at the Trumpet believe that another staunch Catholic will ultimately be at the helm of the prophesied resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire: Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg.

Incidentally, Weber is also a close friend of Guttenberg and in regular contact with him. The ideology that currently unites Guttenberg, Kurz and Weber in their quests is prophesied to soon unite Europe for a final time.

The Bible prophesies that Europe will again unite through the workings of the Roman Catholic Church, symbolized by a beast ridden by a woman in Revelation 17. Once again, it will unite under the leadership of one man, an overarching emperor. Europe’s leaders will work for one common cause: the resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire. To learn more about Europe’s prophesied future and how it will come about, request a free copy of Germany and the Holy Roman Empire.

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Why Has Emotion Replaced Reason in America?

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Cheriss May/Nurphoto/Getty Images

Why Has Emotion Replaced Reason in America?

The surprising answer
From the April 2019 Trumpet Print Edition

“Facts are stubborn things,” American founding father John Adams famously said. But in modern America, facts are not so stubborn, and you don’t become famous by clinging to them. You become famous by being stubborn with your emotions. More stubborn than facts, truth and logic are emotions, feelings and “personal truth.”

“We no longer live in a democracy. We live in an ‘emocracy’—where emotions rather than majorities rule and feelings matter more than reason,” historian Niall Ferguson recently wrote. “The stronger your feelings—the better you are at working yourself into a fit of indignation—the more influence you have” (January 27).

Examples are everywhere. Consider just two.

Newly elected Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a socialist and has been called the future of the Democratic Party by the party chairman. In a January 6
60 Minutes interview, Anderson Cooper challenged her regarding her use of inaccuracies to support her political views. Cortez condemned those who would dare call her out: “If people want to really blow up one figure here or one word there, I would argue that they’re missing the forest for the trees. I think that there’s a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually and semantically correct than about being morally right.”

It doesn’t matter if you make a few things up—what’s important is being morally right. She doesn’t define what makes something moral: Her views are “moral” regardless of facts. She is like many today who are less concerned with facts than with their narrative and their “truth.”

Take another example: the January 25 arrest of Roger Stone. No less than 29 heavily armed Federal Bureau of Investigation agents took part in the arrest of the 66-year-old former adviser to President Donald Trump at 6 a.m. at his house—on charges related to lies in an interview by Special Counsel Robert Mueller regarding Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Stone quickly made bail and was back out of custody. To say that he is not considered a threat to anyone is an understatement.

As former House Speaker Newt Gingrich put it, “Is this really America when at 6 in the morning somebody who is not violent, has no record of violence, has armed fbi agents in full battle vests pounding on the door at 6 a.m.? While cnn covers it? There is something despicable about what’s happening in America today” (January 25).

Is this about facts? Is this about justice? Or is it about politics, ideology and will? The only reason this case was handled this way was because it supported the popular but false narrative, promoted incessantly by the media regardless of facts, of “Russian collusion.”

It seems that what matters most—more than facts, morals, or anything else—is simply winning, whatever the cost.

These and many other bizarre, unprecedented and dangerous trends are evidence of an unseen destructive influence on our society that few people ever think about.

That is the influence of the invisible spirit world on the spirit component of the human mind. Ephesians 6:12 states that we are not actually striving against other human beings but “against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness [evil spirits] in high places.” There is a real spirit world!

The Bible perfectly describes the conditions we see: 2 Corinthians 4:4 says Satan is the god of this world; Ephesians 2:2 says human beings walk “according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air [Satan], the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience.” “People simply do not realize that there is an invisible spirit power injecting into their minds these hostile attitudes,” Herbert W. Armstrong wrote in Mystery of the Ages. It’s not that the average person underestimates the power of Satan’s influence. We don’t even realize it’s there.

This destructive influence is worse now than in any previous generation. In these last days, the Bible tells us about a universe-shaking, spiritual “war in heaven.” Michael and his angels prevailed against Satan and his demons, and there was no more space in heaven for those evil beings; they are now confined to Earth (Revelation 12:7-9, 12).

Why is our world coming apart in so many ways? Why are nations rising up against other nations? (Luke 21:10). Because Satan is influencing human minds, and he has been cast down to Earth! He is the cause. He is the father of murder, lies and deception (John 8:44). And he surcharges the air with his spirit of unrestrained emotion: anger, bitterness, strife, jealousy and envy.

These are the emotions taking over America. The louder you are with your uncontrolled emotion, the more credible you seem! Yet uncontrolled, unbridled emotions lead to catastrophe.

God gave us emotion, but He also gave us His law to show us what is right and wrong, so we can direct our emotions. But people in the world today are not looking to the Bible or to God for answers. They are not seeking guidance from above. They are not interested in reasoning together with God (Isaiah 1:18). And they have made themselves deeply vulnerable to the influence of the god of this world, the prince of the power of the air.

That is why, in America today, facts are no longer stubborn things. Emotions are.