Russia and China Prepare for Surprise Attack With Joint Drills

Special force soldiers board a helicopter during the China-Russia counterterrorist Cooperation-2017 on December 5.
Wang Tao/China News Service/VCG

Russia and China Prepare for Surprise Attack With Joint Drills

The recent antiballistic missile exercises between these two power players point to a bleak future for the world, particularly the United States.

Russia and China began their second joint antiballistic missile (abm) exercises in Beijing on December 11, according to a statement from the Chinese Ministry of Defense. The exercises continued through December 16.

The stated goals of Aerospace Security 2017 is to “practice abm defense, command and control, cooperation and to rapidly respond to all accidental and inflammatory strikes of ballistic missile.” These drills are designed to help Russia and China respond to a surprise attack from another nation launching ballistic or cruise missiles at them.

Despite their differences during the Soviet era, Russia and China have recently been developing closer ties. This is just the latest of many combined exercises. The National Interest noted:

The Russians and the Chinese have both resented American dominance of the so-called rules-based international order. Both have ambitions that are stymied by Washington. Thus, even if Moscow and Beijing do not quite see eye-to-eye on all matters, on the broad scheme of things, they can cooperate where their interests meet.

They are willing to put aside their differences, as long as it means silencing the Western world power.

Our booklet Russia and China in Prophecy details the cooperation and clash of these two powers and how their relationship has evolved over the years. One point this booklet highlights is how these two nations have “common defense concerns,” specifically concerning “the prospect of taking advantage of a weakening U.S.”

Both share common philosophies economically, politically and militarily—and both have a common enemy in the West.

The way that China, for decades, counterbalanced Russia’s presence in Asia benefited the United States geopolitically. But that equation is changing as Russia and China march toward a military alliance.

The booklet continues:

It is evident that both Russian and Chinese officials are working to form a new alliance and counter American dominance of world affairs. Russian diplomats want to create a multipolar world, and they know that the most expedient way to do so is to cement relations with their closest neighbor to the south.

Keep your eye on the warming relations between Russia and China and the ripple effects it will have on the rest of the world, specifically the West. Request your free copy of Russia and China in Prophecy for more details on these events.