Russia and China Conduct Joint Military Exercises

Chinese and Russian special forces started a 10-day joint military exercise in Beijing on Tuesday. “Cooperation 2013” marks the first-ever joint training operation held in China.

Forty-six personnel from China’s elite anti-terrorism Snow Leopard Commandos joined 29 Russians from a special task force unit in domestic security. The two forces aim to learn from each other to improve their counter-terrorism skills and tactics.

The Cooperation 2013 military exercises consist of training courses on shooting, forced entry, hostage rescue and terrorist camp raids.

Russia and China previously conducted a joint anti-terrorism drill in Russia in September 2007.

Watch for these two countries to continue to strengthen their military ties. Bible prophecy indicates that these powers will be part of a huge 200 million-man army. To understand what this massive power will do, read Russia and China in Prophecy.