Independent Kurdistan?, the Dangers of Cyberwarfare, How to Age Well, and More

Show Notes

  • On Monday, Kurds in Iraq voted to become an independent Kurdish state. How might this bold move by this large ethnic group, aiming to redraw the map of the Middle East, affect the fulfillment of biblical prophecies about this region?
  • Cyberwarfare is becoming an increasingly common weapon in today’s world and making more and more headlines. Is it possible hackers could significantly cripple America and neutralize its military advantages?
  • Society loves the idea of living long, but hates the idea of getting old. Do we have to have more aches and pains, declining mental capacity and diminishing productivity as we age? We’ll look at some solutions to the problems of aging.
  • And finally, we’ll look at a bit of wisdom that those involved in the nfl controversy seem to have forgotten.