Half of Britain’s Young People Say They’re Not 100 Percent Heterosexual


Half of Britain’s Young People Say They’re Not 100 Percent Heterosexual

A recent survey conducted by the research firm YouGov found that only 46 percent of young people in Britain ages 18 to 24 would classify themselves as 100 percent heterosexual.

The survey used a scale which plots people on a range of zero to six based on their own sexual inclination; zero being exclusively heterosexual and six being exclusively homosexual. The study is alarming because it shows that the majority of young Britons believe that sexual orientation is something more fluid and ambiguous, rather than something fixed and concrete.

The trouble with the scale, among many other things, is trying to define what it means when a person decides they fall between zero and six. Forty-three percent of 18-to-24-year-olds who participated in the survey placed themselves at or between one and five on the scale. YouGov says the difference between a one and two is based on the individual’s sexual experiences. A three for instance is someone who is completely bisexual—3 percent of Briton’s youth said they fell into this ranking.

Upon birth, gender is an obvious and easily discernible trait: A male is born male, and a female is born female. No one can dispute that. The heterosexual relationship shouldn’t even be up for debate, but unfortunately today, most young people don’t totally understand that.

Nature is built upon laws that are fixed in stone. If it weren’t, the world would fall apart. A heterosexual relationship—if only looking at it in terms of preserving the human species—is a natural law that cannot be tampered with.

Sexual orientation isn’t something that can be ranked on a scale. A clear and undisputed law defines sexual orientation. When mankind ignores absolutes, things start to become ridiculous. “Soon you start believing any lie—as long as it makes you feel good inside,” wrote Trumpet managing editor Joel Hilliker in his article “Tales From an Upside-Down World.” “The land of the free is becoming the land of the free to be anything you want to be—even if what you ‘are’ is based on a pack of lies.”

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